Making Money From Your Passion For Travel: Our Top Tips

The travel and tourism market is among the largest and fastest-growing consumer sectors in the world currently, with many people enjoying the thrill of traveling the world. It’s also an incredibly expensive hobby, so for those who wish to make some money using their travel knowledge and expertise, here are our top tips.

Take Up Blogging 

Dedicated travelers can make money out of their vocation by setting up a travel blog and sharing their adventures online. If you build a following, then brands will want to work with you on sponsored content and will send you complimentary items to promote to your followers. This is a time-consuming endeavor, but for those who are committed to traveling, it won’t be so much a chore as a way to earn whilst enjoying yourself. Setting up a travel blog requires time and dedication, but with a little hard work, you can create a site that will be profitable and rewarding.

Create Or Write For A Guidebook 

Other travel lovers always enjoy reading about the adventures of others, so make money from your knowledge and insight by writing a guide to some of the places you’ve visited. You could post your guide online and then use it as a blog to get money from advertisers, or you could even work with a publisher of travel guides to create books that will help budding travelers to find out everything they need to know about their chosen destination. 

Invest In Hotels

One of the biggest considerations for any traveler is where they’re going to stay, and as such hotels have become a massive market over recent years. To cash in on this, work with a commercial real estate lending fund like AVANA Capital, which specializes in hotel financing and can invest your money in building and running incredible establishments that’ll make you money and enhance the traveling experience for thousands of visitors. 

Become A Tour Guide

If you visit a specific place regularly then consider becoming a tour guide and leading expeditions or guided city tours. You could find a company in your chosen area and work for them, or you could become a freelance tour operator and run your own tours, giving you the flexibility to set your own hours and prices. 

Work As A Travel Consultant

Companies ranging from tour operators through to hotels and airlines all work with travel consultants to understand the needs and expectations of modern tourists. Using your understanding of being a traveler you can become a travel consultant and support brands throughout the travel and tourism space. This approach will give you the flexibility to continue your traveling even as you work and make the most out of the information you’ve learned along your journey around the world. 

When it comes to making money out of travel, the opportunities are endless. Use these tips to make enough money to fund your adventures or save for a bright and exciting future! 

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