waiting for the emergency to resolve

July 19th, 2007

Waiting for the emergency to resolve

Well, the locksmith is coming at 11am.  Please locksmith, be able to fix the problem and not cost me my entire emergency fund.  Thanks.

Speaking of the emergency fund, the good news in the locksmith not being able to see my car until 11, meant that I had a chance to look at my bank account online this morning, and yesterday’s check deposit cleared.  Yippee!  So I moved the $350 back into the emergency savings.  Emergency savings now again stands at $650.

Hopefully I will be able to work this car mishap into the month’s expenditures somehow and not have to use any of the emergency fund.  I’m thinking I won’t be able to add anything to the emergency fund this month though like I planned.  Supposedly I was going to have ~$300 left over from my check at the end of the month that was going to build the emergency savings to close to the goal of $1000.

So car… cost less than $300 to fix.  Okay?  Okay then.


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