update on finding new income

November 10th, 2007

Update on Finding New Income

So, it has been a week and a bit, and I have spent hours a day searching online for new work-from-home employment opportunities. I have been looking basically in three sectors:

  • Legal document coding: what I was doing before, basically.
  • Data Entry: Pretty straightforward and I have experience in it through the document coding
  • Tutoring: I have a PhD in Genetics and I have tutored in the past so I thought this might be an avenue to explore.

I have really gotten nowhere with the document coding and data entry avenues. There just isn’t work out there available right now. Maybe ever. From some research I think a lot of this type of work is being outsourced – I found a number of companies I could apply to if I was located in India. Really. I did put applications in at a few places but none of them were currently hiring in the US, I was just added to their database of available applicants in case something opens up.

Tutoring however, I have made a little progress with. After some back and forth with one company I got approved to take their subject exams to proceed with my application. They have a list of all their exams, and the ones they actually need more tutors for are marked. You can take any exam (or all the exams) but to proceed with the application you need to pass at least one that they need a tutor in right now. Well, all the easy ones were not needed (middle school grade level) but they had a number of high school courses still open. I chose algebra, thinking I would ace it no problem…. and well… it was a disaster. Apparently I have forgotten more math than I ever thought I knew. Heh. So, I didn’t pass that and can retake it in 90 days. With a lot of refreshing on my part! Heh. Funnily enough, I did pass social studies (which I was so not expecting because um… I’m a scientist not a social historian) which they need tutors in so I can officially move on to the next step in the application.

I am going to brush up on my chemistry and geometry over the weekend (other classes they need tutors for) and try those subject exams before I proceed to the next step. But it is nice to have one under my belt that they need tutors in. I also took a few of the middle school exams to get my confidence back after Algebra crushed me and passed 4th-6th grade math and 6th-8th grade science. I’m afraid to take 7th-8th grade math after the algebra disaster. Heh. They don’t need tutors for those right now though, but maybe they will in the future.

So things are looking promising in that arena. If I can get onboard as an online tutor that should help the income out a bit. I need to submit a writing sample, so I need to figure out which post here is my best writing, heh. I write endlessly so no need to write a new thing I think! (All suggestions welcome by the way ;) )

I also have been working at optimizing the advertising on the blog – not adding more specifically but just getting the most out of what is there. I think I may be starting another blog too. Not specifically for income but to have another place to talk about the parenting aspect of my life specifically. Income doesn’t hurt though ;) .

Things are moving forward. Even my spouse is pleased and he is a pessimistic bird at heart.

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9 Responses to “Update on Finding New Income”

  1. Hi Paid Twice. I’ve been working as an online Tutor for Tutor.com for a couple of years now. I love it! If you have a strong Chemistry (or Physics in my case) background you have an opportunity to make decent money on a very flexible schedule. Good luck getting through the entry exams. If you are dealing with a service like mine, that is the hard part. Dealing with the students turned out to be a lot of fun.

  2. How much do the tutors get paid? This sounds like something I’d be interested in.

  3. hmmm… I hate to pry, but could you look into something a bit more traditional? Like part time lab or pharma work, or whatever it is biologists do? I’ve known some people with training similar to yours working in really well paid jobs. I realize you have kids and the industry in your area might not be excellent, but it’s really terrible to read about the financial struggles of someone with really high earning potential (in my eyes at least).

  4. Which tutoring group are you working through? It sounds like a really cool opportunity. (And I’m also looking for new income).

    Good luck! :)

  5. It is tutor.com that I applied with. Good to hear Amanda that you like it! I do have a background in chemistry but it has been a while so I am afraid it may have all fallen out of my head. I’ve been reviewing high school chem online all day so maybe tomorrow the test will go well. if not, well, i already passed social studies lol.

    i have no idea what tutors get paid. I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m going to write a post about the whole thing once I get through it all – hopefully I have good news :)

    KD – there are a lot of reasons why in my particular situation/location/etc out-of-the-house employment isn’t the optimum solution. it is a possibility if we don’t get something else worked out. but let’s just say with the state of the economy in the region I live in, I’d more likely be hired at walmart than a lab. Sad. heh. My earning potential isn’t all that its cracked up to be, I’d have been better off with just a masters vs the phd. lol

  6. Let me throw out the University of Phoenix or similar online sites as a possibility. Try applying to online education sites – the PhD should help.

    I’ll throw out one blogging bit. I have two blogs, my ‘life’ blog and my movie review blog. The movie review blog, despite being active about 1/10th as much as the ‘main’ blog, generates half as much income. I suspect a “Britney Spears” blog would be a big income earner. Not a high calling, but hey…

    If you figure out how to optimize blog advertising I’ll buy some consulting advice :)

  7. I can give you an idea of how much you’ll be making. It’s probably not as much as you’re worth, with a genetics PhD, but it is convenient extra income. You are also eligible for additional tax write-offs as an independent contractor.

    During the probationary period (30 days): You will make $9.00/hr plus $1 for every chemistry session (usually lasting about 20-40 minutes).

    Tutor 1: You will make $11/hr plus $1 per chemistry or physics session.

    Tutor 2: You will make $12/hr plus $1 per chemistry or physics session.

    Tutor 3: You will make $13/hr plus $1 per chemistry or physics session.

    Feel free to direct any questions about the program to me. I’d also be happy to provide a referral for new tutors.


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