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July 14th, 2007

Under Budget!

It’s a miracle! I went grocery shopping and I actually ended up UNDER budget!

(Partly because my parents were here last week and took us out to eat a lot so I had less things on my list, especially meat. But shhhh let me bask in the glory of this for a moment. ;) )

I spent $35.54 at Aldi and $28.72 at Walmart, for a grand total of $64.26. A full $10.74 under budget! Woot!

But even being under budget there is always some excess that could have been trimmed. I do have some small victories though after I add up the carnage. I spent $5.33 on items that were not on my list. This included Fruity Pebbles for my spouse because it was on sale and I am a sucker ($1.98) and then my “do not shop hungry” list: tuna fish to use up the mayo my parents left ($1.58), english muffins… yum ($0.79), and Arizona Herbal iced tea ($0.98). I am weak. I love that herbal iced tea.

So a total of 8.3% of my spending was for unlisted spontaneous items. Still under 10% though!

And! I put back a box of Chocolate Chex cereal before checking out, I replaced canned carrots for beef stew with fresh ones that were on sale and cheaper, and I also bought All Free and Clear detergent instead of Tide Free and Clear. I have a Tide fetish but I could not justify paying almost twice as much (All was on sale) when I have used both and not really noticed the difference in the clothes.

Its the small things. I think I owe the credit card a $0.98 snowflake though for that iced tea. Yum.

Oh and! This puts me over a dollar under budget for last week and this week combined. So halfway through the month and I am right on target. I hope to keep it up :).


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