two fun cool things for a freezing friday

January 16th, 2009

Two Fun Cool Things For A Freezing Friday

It isn’t getting any warmer here in the midwest.  In fact, it was a balmy -13 degrees F (before the wind chill) sometime overnight last night.  Yippee.  Thank goodness we bought a new furnace last April – I can’t imagine how pleasant it would be in my home if our old furnace had waited until now to die instead of giving up last spring.

To take my mind off the cold (at least temporarily), I want to share two fun things for an entertaining Friday (or any day).  First off, as I have shared before, I am a regular contributor to the Frugal Hacks website – I generally publish my frugal musings on Thursdays there.  (The past few weeks I’ve been discussing my love affair with price books.)  Frugal Hacks has just expanded to include a Frugal Forum – a great idea, I think.  I haven’t posted in the forum out yet but anywhere where people can share frugal ideas with like-minded individuals sounds like a good time to me.  And there is a CVS/Walgreens folder so I will have somewhere to muse about my many Drugstore Game deals.  To promote the forums, there is a $100 cash giveaway going on.  The first 50 people to post 25 substantive posts will be entered in a $100 cash drawing.   So if you have frugal thoughts you’d like to share, hop on over to the Frugal Forums!

The second thing is something I had read about a number of times, but didn’t try out until last night when my daughter decided to stay up until an absurdly late hour.    I do a lot of internet searching, and I generally either use Google or when I think of it, the MyPoints toolbar so I can earn points.  But last night I investigated a searching option called Swagbucks, which uses Google and to search.  Every time you search through Swagbucks, you have a chance of randomly winning some… Swagbucks!  Why would I want Swagbucks?  You can exchange them for prizes or gift certificates.  45 Swagbucks equals a $5 Amazon gift card, and that was enough to catch my interest.  Last night I did my normal searching for random answers and other such sundries through Swagbucks instead of directly through Google, and I earned a total of 4 Swagbucks already.  Plus 3 for signing up in the first place.

I get something for people signing up through my referral link, but I am not sure exactly what.  I assume Swagbucks.  :)   Maybe I will get myself a Starbucks gift card instead when I earn 50 Swagbucks.   Mmmm warm coffee on a cold cold day…

Have a wonderful Friday and keep warm if you are in a cold place like I am!  Think frugal.  :)

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13 Responses to “Two Fun Cool Things For A Freezing Friday”

  1. We’ve got you beat in Ottawa, Paidtwice. It’s a balmy – 18 degrees F this morning. We even beat the North Pole yesterday.

  2. Swagbucks rocks. I startes using it in October and those Amazon giftcards really came in handy around Christmas. It’s so easy to build up swagbucks. You’ll have a prize in no time.

  3. I realized that I do a *lot* of searching, I am constantly putting things into my google search box on my toolbar. So might as well just set it to default to swagbucks and earn some gift cards :)

  4. I signed up for Swagbucks. I

  5. About how long (weeks, months?) does it take to earn a $5 gift card with swag bucks? And when do you receive them? Couldn’t you just continue doing random searches over and over just to keep adding up the points?

    Are there any other similar programs out that are competing? I’d love to see an overview of different websites with comments of advantaages/disadvantages and reliability.

  6. I just used your link to Swagbucks…hope you get that cup of coffee soon!! Thanks,


  7. @ Angie – I don’t know yet. I just signed up yesterday, so we’ll see. I know there are other “rewards to search” sites out there, but I don’t know much about them. I liked the fact that this uses Google to search, which is what i use anyway.

  8. i signed up too!! i am constnatly searching for SOMETHING!! haha!

    does this work at both home and work computers?

  9. @ashleyD – I would think so, you just need to sign in to your account before you start searching.

  10. Geez, I search for about 2000 things every day (well, just a guess!) because I’m always looking up stuff for work. And I like that SwagBucks uses Google — I was using GoodSearch for a while to support a charity, but it used Yahoo and the results always sucked. I could never find what I needed as quickly as I should have so I eventually dropped that idea and went back to plain old Google.

  11. {ahem} it wuz 76 here today

    I will try to sign up using your Swagbucks link, and hope it makes you warmer. Listening to Minnesota Public Radio via iTunes…they’re going on about how much milder the weather is there at a balmy 16 degrees. Gosh.

    Thanks for these great leads!

  12. Hey, Just used your referral link for Swagbucks – it’s nice to find a site like this that I can use here in Canada :D Trying to get *my* refferal links out there now!


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