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September 17th, 2007

The Emmy Awards, Masterful Organization, My Carnival Picks

The Carnival of Debt Reduction went live last night with its Emmy Awards Edition at Ask Mr. Credit Card’s Blog. I didn’t watch the Emmys because I was trying to simultaneously watch the Patriots play football, the season finale of Design Star, the Season Finale of The 4400, and a little Big Brother…. I had no time for awards shows. But I have plenty of time for a Debt Reduction Award show! Although my submission Debt Snowball? What Debt Snowball? didn’t win anything, there is no shortage of great articles in the carnival, including:

This morning, the Carnival of Personal Finance went live at Money, Matter, and More Musings. Golbguru has the carnival laid out in a very easy to read format, with a table of contents to help look at the huge number of entries. And there are cute little facts about money interspersed between each segment. :) My article Credit Cards – Just call me wishy washy made the cut along with some of my other favorites:

  • Pay Off Debt – Part 5 @ Joseph Sangl. This whole series is great. I’m past step 5 but I will be checking out step 6!

Another carnival that went live this morning is the All Women Blogging Carnival at Because Momma Says So (great blog title lol) and my article Remembrance was included. Some of my favorite submissions this week included:

  • A Warrior Path posted at The Cloud of Unknowing. I found this self-realization really powerful and inspiring.
  • How Do Bloggers Get To Take A Holiday? posted at This is something I wonder about myself. Lucky for me, debt does not give many holidays (although we have a trip in October planned…. must start thinking about that!)

I Love Backpack so much I submitted my rave to the Review Blogger Carnival and it made the cut!  Check it out at This Full House of Product Reviews along with many other reviews of useful stuff!  One that particularly caught my eye was:

  • Photo Tips for Your Auction Listings posted at Mommy Auctions.   Maybe I’ll actually get around to selling on ebay now that I’ve read photo tips… gotta do it fast the free listing window is almost up!  To do list this week….

Enjoy the carnivals and I’ll be posting another roundup on Wednesday with a few more favorite carnivals/festivals as they go live!

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