the craigslist empire is back on track

September 23rd, 2007

The Craigslist Empire is Back on Track

So, I’ve been a little lazy about listing on Craigslist lately. I’ve had plenty of excuses, but a lot of it simply boiled down to my procrastinating nature. When I originally listed things on Craigslist, what ad actually worked out to be the best one was the one I put the least amount of effort into – simply listing my daughter’s clothes as a huge lot with no pictures, which took about 3 minutes to do from start to finish and I made about $70 from.

So, I decided the easiest way to get re-motivated was to do that again. The ad is easy to write, I’ve got lots of fall/winter clothes from both my son and my daughter that I could list, so I did. I wrote two ads, one for my daughter’s outgrown clothes and one for my son’s, and posted them.

And true to form, the simplest ads are winning out again. I had someone come look at my son’s clothes on Thursday. They only spent $2.50 but that was $2.50 I didn’t have before. I’ve had an email interested in my daughter’s clothes that I am still working out the details of, and I had someone else come today to look at my son’s clothes and they spent another $12.50, so $15.00 total so far from that ad.  And I have interest in the girl clothes too, I just haven’t gotten a visit to buy anything worked out quite yet.

My small successes have even motivated me to finally branch out to EBay. Procrastinator no more (or at least not for the moment), I’ve got two pairs of my son’s outgrown XW shoes listed, and one even has a bid already and both have numerous watchers. I’m hoping both will sell by the end of the 7 day listing. And maybe even for a good price!

I am saving all my snowflakes right now (the $15.00 total from this round of craigslist and  a $10 survey check I got Friday so far) to pay the final interest accrued on the Capital One card once it posts. And then I will be right back at attacking the principal balance on the Citicard. I got a letter in the mail Saturday saying that I have until 09/09/08 to pay off the balance at 0% interest and anything remaining at that time will revert to the purchase rate. I know a challenge when I see one…..

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8 Responses to “The Craigslist Empire is Back on Track”

  1. Oh, right. I need to start working on an ad for craiglist for my sewing stuff! Thanks for the reminder. Good luck making snowflakes (my goal, too).

  2. Good job getting back to the craigslist posts! Not only do you make money, but you also simplify your life…and get rid of clutter (something that I’m trying to do right now).

  3. I have two tubs of baby clothes I want to put on Craigslist and I too am procrastinating. I’m curious – what method of listing works best for you? Do you post it as a lot with one price, or list each piece separately with a separate price? How much detail do you go into?

  4. I have only tried listing as a big lot and say “All pieces are $X to $Y price, come pick what you want” and sometimes I take a few pictures. I don’t go into a lot of detail, and it has worked well for me in the past. Good luck!

  5. Good tip on the simple listing. My wife and I have been selling stuff on both ebay and craigslist for a while. But it is a pain sometimes because it takes a lot of effort and sometimes the money made isn’t worth all the effort. It looks like simpler may be better. We use it as our “fun” fund. It gives us a little insurance for the little perks we want for fun and recreation.



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