the attitude shift realization

November 13th, 2007

The Attitude Shift – Realization

The night of my spouse’s health insurance meeting a few weeks ago, I hadn’t really planned well (or at all) as far as dinner went. It was a last minute decision for me to pack up the kids and head over to his work to attend the meeting in his stead, so I didn’t have anything prepared in advance to heat up quickly when we got home, or even to bring with me. So I packed some water and healthy snacks for the kids and headed on over. The meeting took until about 7:30 PM (we usually eat dinner at about 5:45 PM) so we (the adults) were pretty hungry by the time we left for home. We drove home, I heated up some frozen pizzas, and we had dinner very very late.

What is so remarkable about this that I’m writing a post about it? We never even considered stopping to pick up fast food or going out for dinner. Not even once. After we got home and had dinner, I realized we could have stopped and picked up food, or gone out to dinner, and I said to my spouse “Did you want to pick up dinner?” and he replied “Well, maybe but its not in the budget.”

I was just amazed at myself and my spouse and our change in mindset. Instead of looking for the quick fix, we just worked within our own constraints and made do with what we had. We waited until we got home (the kids had had plenty of healthy snacks provided to tide them over) to eat dinner, and we were okay. Contrast to this a day a few months ago, where my spouse had a outpatient medical procedure done that took longer than we expected, and the first thing I did when we left there was stop at the local pizza place to get a pizza to bring home.

What a change in attitude – for the better. I still can’t believe it never even occurred to me to go out to eat or pick up some food this time. No wonder we’re actually managing to get out of debt.

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7 Responses to “The Attitude Shift – Realization”

  1. That’s great! Once habits are ingrained, it’s so much easier (and happier) to stick with them. :)

  2. Kudos!


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