textbook sellback and craigslist goals updates

July 24th, 2007

Textbook sellback and Craigslist Goals updates

Well, the textbook sellback is going well.  I received a check for $15.24 from one of the buyers in the mail yesterday so that one is completed.  I should receive the check for $40.30 any day now from the second buyer, I was notified by email the book was accepted and the check was issued.  And the third buyer sent me an email last night that the books were received in the warehouse that day.  That one pays via paypal so I should get that money ($21.62)  shortly as long as the books were accepted.  So within the next week I should have $77.16 total to snowflake to Capital One.  That puts me way over my July target of $100 of alternative income streams to snowflake with.  Yay!

As for Craigslist….  I need to start putting some more stuff up there.  I have found two more small things to list but I haven’t done it yet.  My goal was to list 10 new things in July and I have only listed 5, so I need to get moving on that.  And I wanted to relist 10 things and I have only relisted 6.

I had some interest in a few things last week but none of them seemed to have panned out.  But in that process I took a much more complete inventory of my baby girl clothes for sale so I think one of my relists will be a more specific ad for them.  I also have some toddler boy clothing I need to go through and maybe list some or all of.

August project:  Take the ebay plunge with the XW toddler boy shoes I have.  I’m not going to get market value for them on Craigslist or a yard sale I think, too small of an audience.  That (and re-running a ton of textbooks through the tool I have now to look at multiple sites simultaneously) is really I think the only way I have a chance of hitting the $100 mark again.  I thought some of these books would actually pay in August (but am thrilled they paid in July!).  September I have the yard sale to “bank” on.  Heh.


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