temptation at the scrapbook store

December 4th, 2007

Temptation at the Scrapbook Store

I love the scrapbook store. I just… I love it. All the papers, the stickers, the bright and shiny baubles… I love it.

For my birthday this past year I got a $50 gift certificate to the scrapbook store. I hadn’t used it yet – I kept meaning to but life got in the way. I wanted to get an album for my daughter’s first year scrapbook and some papers and stickers for accessories. This past weekend, I finally got organized and ready to go. I was really nervous though, because I am generally not very good with temptation. But maybe I’ve changed. We’ll see.

I thought about it a lot, because of all the places I might spend money, the scrapbook store is the most dangerous. Big items like albums generally have prices on them, and papers are generally a standard price by the sheet, but it is the stickers and other accessories that are dangerous. Hardly any of them have prices marked on them, and two sheets of stickers right next to each other could be completely different prices. You can go ask the clerk how much each are, but it is really hard to comparison shop that way.Unless you find a clerk willing to follow you around with a scanner, which I have never been successful at.

But honestly, I’ve never tried. In the past, I have just gone in, picked out what I liked, and hoped for the best at the checkout line. But not this time. this time, I was going to spend as close to my $50 as I could. I was okay with going a very small amount over (less than $5) because the gift certificates were certificates, not electronic cards. I either used it all in one fell swoop or I lost the remainder. But I wanted to be as close to $50 as I possibly could be. And hopefully right at $50.

When I arrived at the scrapbook store, I saw they had album kits on a big markdown special for $19.99 each. They included a 12×12 album, a 6×6 album, a bunch of paper for the 6×6 album, and an assortment of stickers and accessories. I don’t usually buy kits, but $20 was my budget for just an album, and buying one of these kits, I’d get a bunch of other stuff with it (and I loved two of the albums they were selling as kits). So I decided to get one. I thought about getting both of the ones that I liked and not getting many other accessories, but I decided to look around a little first. So I began to browse through the rest of the store. And that is where things started to go wrong.

I completely and immediately fell into my old habits and started picking up anything that struck my fancy and put it in my basket. A little voice in the back of my head tried to have a coherent thought, but the front of my brain kept saying “Oh! Pretty!” and picking things up. But as I was shopping, the little voice got louder and louder, and eventually I started to listen.

The kits were a really good deal, and I really liked two of them. It took three books for me to do my son’s first year album (I take a lot of pictures and I get attached to almost all of them and include them) so it is not unlikely it will take at least two books to do my daughter’s album as well. And the kits come with cute 6×6 albums I can make into presents for the grandparents at Christmas.

So I sat down in the middle of the aisle and thought about it for a little while. I was probably a sight to behold, parked in the middle of an aisle with a basket on my lap. But after thinking it through a few times, I decided to look through my basket and see what I could put back. I sorted through everything, and although I liked all of it, really only a few pieces completely grabbed my interest and gave me ideas of pages to do with them. So I put the rest back. I ended up with two pieces of paper and three sheets of stickers (I have a lot of supplies at home already, really I just needed albums and a few unique girly accessories). Both the kits also came with a lot of stickers and other accessories as well. I thought about putting another sheet of stickers back, for I was pretty sure I was over $50 with tax by a little bit, but I decided to keep them because the two 6×6 albums included were contributing to the Christmas budget.

And when I checked out, my total was $52.13. If I had put a sheet of stickers back, I could have gotten the total to just under $50, and I considered it, but decided to keep them because I truly thought they would be put to good use in my project. Not just because they were pretty and girly. And I took the $2.13 from the Christmas budget, since the small albums were replacing presents I would have bought for my mother and mother-in-law (I just have to get doubles of some pictures printed and find time to do the albums in the next few weeks, no small task but I am committed now!)

Not the perfect scrapbook store trip, but a lot more self control than I ever thought I would be able to exhibit in one of those types of stores. Maybe I should be allowed to shop once in a while after all. With a gift card, of course. :)

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7 Responses to “Temptation at the Scrapbook Store”

  1. $2.13…that’s perfect! :) I get that “ooh pretty” feeling whenever I’m in a fabric store. *sigh* I still have some gift cards. Have a lot of fun with your supplies!

  2. I just loved this story. It took me right back to my scrapbook store experiences. Unfortunately, I get that same oh, pretty “high” (if you will) at fabric stores, yarn shops, office supply stores, electronics stores, and hardware stores.

  3. I’m with Mrs. Micah, getting out of there with only $2.13 spent of your own money is great going!

  4. I think you did really good. I’m a scrapbooker (well, actually it’s been awhile since I’ve scrapped but I do have a closetfull of supplies). I know that it’s just not just about paper and stickers; and it’s not cheap! So for $2.13 I think you did amazingly well.

  5. I just started laughing when I saw the title of your post. My senior year of high school we were required to create a senior scrapbook. I took my father to the scrapbook store and he could not believe that there was an entire store devoted to scrapbooking! We perused the isles and picked out fun stuff we liked until we though we had enough for me to begin. When we hit the counter the total was over $200 (and I already owned the basics!). He quickly understood how there was an entire store devoted to scrapbooking! (Unfortunately that year there were several more trips to that store that ended the same way. My mother thinks that book cost about $1000. Needless to say, now that I am in college and married- I don’t scrapbook anymore)

    Congratulations on your demonstration of self control!

    I am have just begin my own journey of discipline and anti-procrastination at my new blog- TooMuchTimeForNothing.blogspot.com

  6. Nice work! You have much more restraint that I think I could have demonstrated


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