tell all tuesday waiting to snowflake

September 25th, 2007

Tell All Tuesday: Waiting to Snowflake

This week, the big news is I’ve made a lot of progress in getting over my internal inertia and procrastination. There’s also some motivating milestone numbers this week, and some sooooo-close-to-a-milestone-yet-not ones. On to the numbers:

Balance remaining on:

  • Credit Card (Citibank): $5080.63
  • Car Loan: $4001.78 (made minimum payment of $228.32)
  • Student Loan: $12038.38
  • Spouse Student Loan: $12308.71 (minimum payment of $237.59 posted)
  • Total Balances as of 9/25/07: $33429.50
  • Balance at Beginning of Blog (6/18/07): $36451.71
  • Total paid to principal thus far: $3022.21
  • % of total paid (from NCN Network Chart): 8.29%

Two of those balances are just soooooo close to a milestone! My student loan and the auto loan are so close to being in the next thousand range. I am sticking to the plan though and just paying the minimum and waiting until October for those milestones to happen. I was a little disappointed in the car loan balance because I really thought it would drop under $4000 this month. Darn interest.

In positive motivating news though, my total paid to principal has now crossed the $3000 mark! Yay!  And my % of total debt paid off according to my NCN Network charthas gone up another percentage point.  I feel double digits coming soon!

The observant among you may notice that my credit card balance has not changed at all, which is highly unusual for me since I am such a subscriber to the multiple-mini-payments concept. That is because I am holding onto my snowflakes to pay the interest on my Capital One card once it posts so that card is completely paid off (through the transfer to Citicard). For snowflaking so far, I have $22.10 in survey money, and $15.00 in craigslist sales, for a total of $37.10 waiting to be snowflaked. I’m back on the craigslist wagon! I listed two quick ads for outgrown clothes of my kids, and I have made $15 in sales and am on the trail of another sale as well. This also led to me *finally* listing on ebay. I listed two pairs of my son’s outgrown shoes, and both have multiple watchers on ebay and one pair has a bid, so I have sold at least one pair. Yay! That will also be snowflaking money and hopefully all that together will be more than enough to pay off that annoying interest. Now if my Capital One card would just post the new bill…. it has never posted this late in the month before. Patience…..


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5 Responses to “Tell All Tuesday: Waiting to Snowflake”

  1. Great job with paying off your debt!

  2. I really like your snowflaking idea. Too many people think of that extra money as license to spend on useless things…like it’s free money or something.

  3. Great work, Keep the momentum going!

  4. And unlike snow, it won’t melt while it waits! ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement!!