tell all tuesday snowball

December 4th, 2007

Tell All Tuesday – Snowball!

Even the bad news we got about our mortgage payment yesterday cannot dampen my excitement about the big payment we made this week. The big snowball payment occurred, and our debt has been knocked back in a big way as far as milestone numbers. I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s get right to those numbers:

Debt at start of blog (6/19/07) : $36,451.71

Current total as of 12/03/07: $29,281.69

Principal paid to date $7170.02

Broken down into:

  • Credit Card: $1830.46 (made $1313.74 snowflake this week)
  • Student loan: $11,878.03
  • Spouse student loan: $12,002.27
  • Car loan: $3570.93

% of total debt paid off (from NCN Network Chart) : 19.67% (last week 16.07%)

Our total debt dropped under the $30,000 mark, so we met our December 2007 goal of doing so! And our amount paid to principal is now over $7000 in just 6 months time. And the huge huge excitement – we paid $1313.74 to our credit card, dropping that number from a little over $3000 to under $2000! Hurrah! That amount came from the windfall, plus the surplus from last month, some survey payments, and blog income.  And the % of debt paid since June jumping to almost 20% has made me giddy with anticipation of when it is all finally paid off.

I do have a few more pending snowflakes in the form of survey payments, but only on the order of about $20. I also have some pending survey referral payouts that should happen this month as well. I haven’t found the time to sort my childrens’ outgrown clothes and bring some to Once Upon A Child to try and sell, but I am going to try and do that in the next few weeks.

But all in all – a great week to report. I don’t know if anything will happen between this week and next, since I won’t be making any of my monthly standard payments until the week after that, but you never know. Sometimes snowflakes show up from the most unexpected places.

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8 Responses to “Tell All Tuesday – Snowball!”

  1. It excited ME to see your cc # go under 2K so I know how great you must feel! yay! and awesome dedication to paying off the debt with the windfall. I am so impressed!

  2. That’s really great progress! Even if the escrow thing is frustrating, at least the debt repayment is coming along well. Like Emily, I get excited by your progress. :)

  3. Thanks Emily and Mrs. Micah!

    I now have to resist doing something stupid like draining the emergency fund to pay it completely off. Not being charged interest… mellow out…. give it a few more months… might have actual emergency.

    I am impulsive. lol

  4. Wow! I can’t believe how much credit card debt you paid off this month. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations. I’m so thrilled for you and so inspired by the progress you’ve made so far in such a short time. All those new, much smaller numbers, except for the ever increasing % paid must are so exciting.

    It also made me smile that your impulsive thought was to pay off a debt, not blow money on something – now that’s a way of thinking to keep nurturing!

  6. Way to skip the 2000′s altogether! I am so psyched for you!

    You’re such an inspiration – blow the e-fund on debt, indeed. I know what you mean.


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