tell all tuesday holding pattern

November 13th, 2007

Tell All Tuesday – Holding Pattern

This past week was the “between paychecks” week, which means that nothing much happened on the debt paydown front. Nothing in the current numbers has changed from last week, but that doesn’t mean that no progress is being made. It just means next week’s summary will be all the more exciting. :) Instead of going through the actual numbers in detail, I am just going to highlight a few points and then talk about the plans for this week. (The full list of debts and explanations can be see in last week’s summary.)

  • Debt at start of blog (6/19/07) : $36,451.71
  • Current total as of 11/13/07: $31,784.30
  • Principal paid to date $4,667.41

Last week, I put $500 of my spouse’s “extra” November paycheck into our checking account to cover weekly expenses such as gasoline and groceries for the two weeks inbetween paychecks. We right now have about $350 of that left. The money only needs to last until the 16th, so I shouldn’t have to buy more groceries with it and hopefully not a lot more gasoline. I do need to refill my spouse’s asthma medication today so that’ll be another $25. When it is all said and done, I am hoping to have at least $300 left at the end of the week. This will be transferred to savings as a backup emergency fund until January when the holidays are done and hopefully I have some other income streams established.

Speaking of other income streams, things are progressing. I am still going through the application process with the online tutoring company. I passed the content exams for two subjects and I also passed the writing sample, so I have been viewing training videos and then I have a mock tutoring session with a mentor to complete. If I pass the mock tutoring exam I can then go on to the next step in the application process. Must keep refreshing chemistry. It is all in my head but its rusty from not using it in so long and I must get the rust knocked off. Heh. I also have a small but steady stream of income from taking surveys coming it. I currently have $26 in survey payments and $37 in Opinion Outpost referrals from October in my bank account, and another $36 in survey payouts pending receipt. I also have $40 in ad revenue I am waiting to receive and snowflake to debt as well. So this month, I think I will actually hit my goal of $100 from alternative income streams. And hopefully, become a tutor. :) I will be snowflaking everything I have received by Friday as well as moving the extra paycheck money that remains into savings.

This weekend, I need to pay both student loans, my standard $200 payment to the credit card, and pay the car payment on Monday, so there will be LOTS of progress to report next Tuesday! I am hoping to get the credit card under $3500. We’ll see. And my total paid to the principal on debt should be bumped up to well over $5000. Yay!

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