tell all tuesday flurries are important too

December 11th, 2007

Tell All Tuesday – Flurries Are Important Too

This week, there was no huge windfall or unexpected income, or even the monthly payments to our debt (they happen this Friday). So the numbers haven’t changed all that much, but even a little bit of snowflaking is a good thing, because we continue to make progress. I had a flurry of survey related income pay out this week, including $11 from taking surveys and $61 in payments from referrals to Opinion Outpost and MyPoints. A $72 snowflake isn’t a ton compared to last week, but I wasn’t expecting to snowflake much of anything this week so it is truly exciting to me. To the numbers we go!

Debt at start of blog (6/19/07) : $36,451.71

Current total as of 12/11/07: $29,209.69

Principal paid to date $7242.02

Broken down into:

  • Credit Card: $1758.46 (snowflaked $72)
  • Student loan: $11,878.03
  • Spouse student loan: $12,002.27
  • Car loan: $3570.93

% of debt paid (from NCN Network Chart) : 19.87% (last week 19.67%).

I was hoping to cross 20% of debt paid off but I guess that will have to wait until next week. 20% in 6 months is great though – it would put us on pace to be done completely in another 24 months, or December 2009. I don’t think that is really feasible at this point, but it is still exciting to consider. You never know.

The minimum payment on our credit card this month was a new low: $27. I don’t know why the card can only charge us 1.5% as our minimum payment, but since we pay as much as we can, not the minimum, it doesn’t actually matter other than an interesting fact for me to track. Our balance is now $1758.46, and I would love to get that under $1500 in 2007. We still need to make our $200 standard payment, which would drop it to $1558.46, but I only have $15 in outstanding survey payments at this point, so I am not sure where the other ~$44 would come from to do that. But again, you never know. I might have to snowflake whatever is left from the extra paycheck after our Christmas trip a little bit early.

Speaking of Christmas, I have spent $204.79 of our $500 budget on presents. The budget covers gasoline for our trip as well, so it isn’t all present-related. I have 4 presents left to purchase, and I think I will be able to keep under $250 total. That would be excellent, because whatever is left of that budget after we get back from our Christmas traveling is destined to be snowflaked.

I am feeling really positive about the credit card debt being gone in the near future. Time to start seriously considering how to best attack the student loan debt, I think. That is probably a series of posts in and of itself.

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3 Responses to “Tell All Tuesday – Flurries Are Important Too”

  1. I love reading your ‘tell all Tuesday’ posts, it’s always fascinating to see how you put your snowflakes to work for you each week!

  2. Looking good PT. You are very disciplined and that is paying off.

  3. Wow, your numbers are impressive! Congratulations and keep up the good work.