sunday morning link love post birthday edition

March 30th, 2008

Sunday Morning Link Love ~ Post Birthday Edition

My birthday was nice and mellow – I got two gift cards to Hobby Lobby totaling $35 to buy scrapbook supplies, and since they were having a 50% off sale yesterday on most scrapbooking merchandise I went there to use the gift cards right away. The albums I usually buy were excluded from the sale (of course) so I went with a different brand of album and bought two, plus extra inserts and a pack of paper, all for $34.93. I don’t think I’ll be using the 7 cents left on my gift card and I was pleased to get so close to my target spending without going over at all.

Also on my birthday, Free Money Finance started the Final Four Round of the Personal Finance March Madness. My Snowflaking: A Primer post is against a great post from Brip Blap, and if you’d like to cast your vote for the finalists, make sure to click on over today! I appreciate all the votes thus far!

And as a pre-birthday anti-present, my team in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament was totally destroyed by Memphis in the sweet sixteen round. There’s always next year Spartans!

On that note, here are some of the posts from the M-Network and beyond I really enjoyed this past week:

  • Gather Little By Little: Gazelle Intensity – How Fast Is it?
    • Gazelles go in spurts but are always watchful. Here’s one perspective on how their gazelle intensity works.
  • My Two Dollars: A Simpler Way to Budget
    • This is a guest post from Four Pillars and I really enjoyed it and the perspective on budgeting. Although I am too much of a nitpicker and analyzer to let it work for me right now.
  • The Dough Roller: Here’s the Real Deal on Dave Ramsey and Debt
    • I don’t know that I agreed with all of it but it certainly gave me loads to think about.
  • Being Frugal: Tightwad Tuesday – More Homemade Cleaners
    • I love the idea of homemade cleaners, but don’t use enough of them. There are a few here I am going to try, specifically the dishwasher soap.
  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: Harness the Power of Impulse Saving
    • This is a really nice idea and relates to my paying twice for impulse purchases, in a saving kind of way. But with dice! I am a nerd, I want a 20 sided die…
  • All Financial Matters: An Interesting Piece on Target
    • Are Target and Walmart practically the same? Why does Target seem so much nicer?
  • No Credit Needed: Moving Debt Is Not the Same as Paying It Off.
    • Indeed. I didn’t consider my credit cards paid off until the one I moved the balance to was done.
  • My Dollar Plan: Analyzing Our Energy Use
    • I wish my utility companies had these awesome tools!
  • Antishay Ventenne: More on Quality vs Cheap
    • Some more thoughts about what is worth the money to spend and what is not, for her, and ways to think about the difference.
  • The Simple Dollar: An Ode to the Inexpensive Bean.
    • I love beans. And they are so cheap! These are some ways to use them. Don’t use the math in the post – it is in the end correct but presented incorrectly, but still beans are very cheap.
  • Frugal in the Fruitlands: The Mystery Cash Box and the Sunken Cost Fallacy
    • This happens to me too, which is why I generally try to not take cash out at all unless I have to. Half price drinks at Sonic anyone, with the change? Argh. :) This post is great!
  • Advanced Personal Finance: Did Stocks Return 0% Over the Past 9 Years?
    • The answer is yes, and no, depending on how you look at it, and made my head hurt at first but then I decided it was okay. I’m a nervous investor as it is.
  • This Wasn’t In The Plan: The Raise
    • I tend to do this too, even when I say I won’t, I upwardly adjust to use new money coming in and don’t end up saving it – until I started really focusing on debt reduction. My spouse may get a raise at the beginning of May, and we’ll see if I can buck the trend and devote it all to our debt reduction goals.
  • Are You Going To Be This Way…: Shrinking Package Sizes Screw Up My Recipes
    • I am a more off-the-cuff cook so I hadn’t noticed but – argh! Now I am irritated. Less food for the same money. Bah.
  • Clever Dude: I’ll Refund That For You This Time
    • This makes me mad! I hate when companies try and take advantage. And after I rented from Enterprise and they gave me a car that the brake lights and blinkers didn’t work – I’m not too fond of them anyway.

And in the PaidTwice Rewind: I’m not a gazelle, I’m a cheetah. Although a few Ramsey fans got riled up by the idea, I stand by my thoughts that I tend to be a straight line kind of gal, for better or worse. My prey isn’t people though, it is that debt I keep chasing.

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5 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love ~ Post Birthday Edition”

  1. Today I wrote about how we’ve paid down 30% of our credit card debt (accrued during law school) the first quarter of this year.

  2. Thanks for the mention, and happy belated birthday!

  3. I’m glad it was a good birthday! While I’m not a gift card fan, I love them for craft stores, since I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to buy.

  4. I’m happy that your birthday was mellow – there’s nothing worse than people fretting over you and all you’re doing is stressing. Sean and I were in the neighborhood of one of our friends on Sunday morning and we dropped in to say hello… and we all ended up going out to lunch. About halfway through the lunch, his daughter asked him, “Dad… it this your birthday??” (pointing to the day in her little planner/calendar thing… she’s 6). It was SO adorable. He then replied, “…is it? Oh, awesome, I guess it is!” It was his 30th birthday and he didn’t even remember – lol. Needless to say, we paid for lunch in the end in celebration :P

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Congratulations on winning the game over at FMF! I’m glad I lost to such a worthy opponent! :) Good luck in the finals!