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May 11th, 2008

Sunday Morning Link Love ~ Giveaway Next Week!

The nice people at SmartyPig sent me a $50 gift card to give away to my readers, so I have been doing some research into SmartyPig and what they’re about. I’m working on a review of what I think about it, and when I am done, I will publish it with a giveaway of the gift card. I’m not promising a particular day, but keep your eyes peeled for it sometime this week!

With that excitement (I love giveaways!) it is on to this Mother’s Day edition of link love. The links don’t have much to do with Mother’s Day, but it is today and I am a mother, so I mention it. :) Here are some of my favorite articles from the past two weeks from the M-Network and beyond:

Plonkee Money: Could You Afford To Lose Your Income? Plonkee considers insurance alternatives, and ponders what we all should – what coverage does she want, need, and can afford?

Mrs Micah – Finance for a Freelance Life: Starting From a Million Dollars – Forming Concrete Plans. The age old question of what to do with a million dollars shows Mrs. Micah that it really can be a question that helps you define your goals and dreams.

Single Guy Money: One Year Later – How Have My Finances Changed? I love these looking back perspective type posts.

My Two Dollars: Ten Quick Easy Ways to Reduce Your Debt. Snowflake! yay! Awwwww :)

Being Frugal: Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs. This is a list to other blogs so not something I would normally highlight – but I think it is a great idea. Catch those up and comers before they break out and go crazy! Then you can say you were there when…

Cash Money Life: The Real Cost of Withdrawing Retirement Funds Early. This is why I pretend there is no way we can withdraw them at all.

Moolanomy: Roadmap to Better Financial Health. Save, spend less… but more! Pinyo identifies ways we can improve where we are and where we are going.

Gather Little By Little: Dealing With the Debt Timebomb. A guest post perspective on debt reduction that resonated with me.

Dough Roller: How to Turn Mistakes ito Opportunities. Looking at how we react to our mistakes can really make a difference.

No Credit Needed: An Interesting Conversation about Store-Branded Credit Cards. This had me amazed. Yikes! What will we do to feel like we belong…

Five Cent Nickel: Saving Money With CFLs. I love when the numbers come out and get crunched – and this one made me feel great about the 32 CFLs we have in and outside our home. Yes, 32. We have a lot of fixtures. :)

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity: Ask the Mole – CNNMoney’s Undercover Financial Planner. I just love the idea of this, and I am hoping reading the column will help me pick a financial planner myself.

Remodeling This Life: Tips for Making Thrift Shopping Thrifty. This is something I want to get more into as I start to acquire an adult wardrobe – I still dress like I am an undergrad. Not cool.

And in the PaidTwice Rewind, I do shop for myself sometimes, but only at Goodwill it seems… but now I shop for my spouse there too. And he’s learned to accept it. :)

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5 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love ~ Giveaway Next Week!”

  1. Thank you for the link and happy mother’s day to you, my fabulous friend! I’d love to visit you and go thrifting with you!

  2. Happy Mother’s day!!! :) And thanks for including me in the roundup.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! I look forward to your review of Smarty Pig. They sent me an e-mail, but honestly I never got around to checking it out. Ooops! ;)

    Thanks for the link. :)

  4. Thanks for the link love to my guest post on Gather Little By Little. A really good round up by the way I especially liked Pinyo’s article on Moolanomy

  5. Lynnae’s entry in the top 10 emerging influential blogs writing project is a great one and hope more bloggers will recognize the ones she cited there. I hope you can also join. Weekly summaries are posted every Thursday. Cheers!


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