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November 18th, 2007

Sunday Morning Link Love – Friends That Blog

As I mentioned yesterday, a few of my friends whom I’ve known since long before I ever started blogging have recently ventured out into the blogging world themselves. I highlighted one of them yesterday by responding to a posting challenge she had with my 5 ideas for free holiday gifts and 5 ideas for almost free ones. I wanted to highlight the other two today, both of whom write about frugality as part of their overall focus.

  • First up is Alison who blogs at This Wasn’t In The Plan about how she incorporates frugality into her everyday life, especially in the realm of grocery shopping. I liked this post about making a budget for Christmas and thinking about the little things that people will really appreciate – contact lens solution doesn’t sound like the most snazzy gift but it made me realize I can ask for ordinary stuff too from my in-laws like rechargeable batteries and canvas grocery bags! And her spouse and my spouse have similar perspectives. Heh. Be sure to check out the rest of her site for a great pumpkin recipe, some adventures with coupons, and more!
  • Another friend of mine who just started blogging this past week is at Remodeling This Life and she and her hubby are remodeling their house from the ground up on a shoestring of a budget and accumulating no debt. She thinks a lot about some of the same issues I do – balancing today and tomorrow, being frugal vs being cheap, and does it with insight and grace. Learn more about their house remodel project and how they’ve scored some great deals to keep their project under budget. Browse her first week of blogging to get to know what deep thoughts reside in her very young head (she’s younger than me, that qualifies as very young ;) ).

So now you can learn more about me by meeting some of my friends. I have more friends in the M-Network and beyond in the personal finance blogosphere (of the blogging variety, of course!) and these are some of the interesting things they had to say this week:

  • Plonkee Money: Going to University is Worth the Money. I often feel the same way about my college experience – past everything else, the experience itself was worth it. Except I’m still paying for it. Sigh. Heh.
  • Single Guy Money: I Did It!! He paid off all his credit card debt! Great job!
  • Clever Dude: Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Debt. As I’ve been blogging more, I actually have gotten less nervous about being transparent in regards to “I can’t afford that, we’re on a budget”. I don’t usually volunteer exact debt numbers but I have expressed to people that we’re working on paying down credit card debt and student loans. that being said, I didn’t tell my parents about my blog. They don’t really understand the internet very well ;) .
  • We’re In Debt: Ways To Keep Your Pantry Stocked. Great ideas on how to get extras into your pantry without spending a fortune. My pantry fluctuates so much depending on how badly my grocery budget is going.
  • Blogging Away Debt: Money and Music – Is There A Relationship? I have a BA in Music (and a BA in Biochemistry… I’m overeducated ;) ) and I truly believe in the value of a music education. I never knew it might have a monetary value too though.

And in the PaidTwice Rewind: My first weeks of blogging were nowhere near as eloquent and organized as those of my friends, but I did write a few good posts. Maybe ;) .

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4 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love – Friends That Blog”

  1. Thanks for the link :)

  2. I’m not sure if I’m more flattered that you linked me or said I’m young! :) Thanks, chica!

  3. Thanks for the link!
    And thanks for linking to the stocking a panty post, that is a great idea.

    I didn’t know you had a BA in music! Very cool.

  4. BVery good sites indeed. And I also did not know that you had a BA in music!

    Very nice of you to call Emily young, and even nicer of you not to call me “the oldest person I almost know”.

    FYI, I changed my username from “the girl” to BeThisWay and set up a new e-mail account, just to make things all matchy matchy.