sunday morning link love carnivals and yard sales

May 4th, 2008

Sunday Morning Link Love: Carnivals and Yard Sales

Our yardsale yesterday turned out okay. Our neighborhood has two designated dates each year where the whole neighborhood holds their yardsales, and the housing association does all the advertising etc for it. All I had to do was open my garage and put out my stuff (although I did make a few signs for the event). It was a rainy weekend so not a great one to have a yardsale, but for minimal effort we did manage to sell some baby clothes and a few other assorted items, and came out with $44.10. Oh, and I am supposed to mention that my spouse sold $1.50 worth of computer junk he has been faithfully saving from yardsale to yardsale. This is supposed to make his not getting rid of it worth it. ;) We have another yardsale in August, and he promises he will get rid of it after that (and I also will purge all the stuff we don’t sell then too).

So $44.10 to restart the student loan payoff fund, now that we’ve emptied it to buy a new furnace. Hurrah!

This link love is short and sweet, just where to find the carnivals I was in this week, because I’ve got more link love coming soon in the form of April wrapups. So why don’t you visit a carnival or four and see what else was going on around the financial blogosphere this week? Thanks to all the hosts that included me in their carnivals:

Have a great Sunday morning!

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3 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love: Carnivals and Yard Sales”

  1. Hope the new furnace saves you money on the power bills. Our HVAC guy insists that the new air-conditioner/heater we need to put on my son’s house will in fact run significantly cheaper. If that assertion is true, well…at least you may be able to rebuild the payback fund a little faster than before.

  2. paidtwice Says:

    May 4th, 2008 at 11:51 am

    @Funny – according to the efficiency ratings, our gas bills should go down by about 40%, which would be about $500-$600 a year, so it should make a huge difference!

    We’ll have to wait til Octoberish to see a difference, our gas bill May – Sept is always tiny (and then October-April stinks lol).

  3. It should feel good to already have that student loan fund back up and running, way to go!