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October 7th, 2007

Sunday Morning Link Love: Bests and Worsts on Deck!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Morning Link Love! This past week was an exciting one for me out in the blogging world, for through some cosmic twist of timing, four guest posts I wrote over the past few months all came together and published this very week! If you missed any of it, I was a guest blogger on Frugal Upstate on Monday, both No Credit Needed and Get Rich Slowly on Thursday, and The Digerati Life on Friday – all blogs I read faithfully and am so honored to be able to appear on. I’ve got a few more guest posts floating around out there… who knows where I might turn up next week!

Tomorrow is an exciting day: the members of the M-Network will be sharing their best and worst financial decisions all at the same time, 10am EST. I’ll have links at the end of my post that point to each of the other member’s post on the same topic. Interesting, funny, insightful, heartwrenching… I am sure you’ll find all of that and more reading each member’s contribution. Mine will probably make you want to whap me upside the head. But at least there is an upside….

On to my favorite posts of the week from the M-Network:

  • Plonkee Money: Prepaid electricity and saving money. I don’t know if a system like this exists in the US, but Plonkee uses prepaid cards inserted into her meter to pay for electricity. Read about the good and the bad to that….
  • Being Frugal: Discouraged. Sometimes, all you can do is admit this stinks. And start planning on how to make it better.

And from elsewhere around the blogosphere….

  • Working For Financial Freedom: My Reduce A Bill Challenge. We’re challenged to reduce a bill, inspired by Being Frugal. I wanted to play but I was lazy and I still haven’t come up with something, so I may have to wait ’til November. We did reduce my son’s preschool costs, but that’s a story for another post….
  • Frugal Dollar: Walk Before You Buy. Carrying something around a store for a while will make you consider if you really need it, even if it is a great deal.
  • Get Rich Slowly: How to Live Debt-Free. JD will be debt-free by Christmas and asks… what next? Yay JD!
  • The Simple Dollar: A Deeper Look at Frugality. More on my neverending quest to be frugal and not cheap, this gives a really nice perspective.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read the best and worst financial decisions of the M-Network members… including mine! Y’all can vote on the worst from my archives if you want…. ;)

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7 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love: Bests and Worsts on Deck!”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the link to the Reduce a Bill Challenge.
    You aren’t lazy, I think reducing preschool costs is huge. (thankfully I have a couple more years before we are doing the preschool thing again)

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Can’t wait until tomorrow to find out what your best and worst decisions were! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  3. Thanks for the link. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! :-)

  4. Thanks for the link to my fish saga…would you believe the Tang has some kind of fungus on it now??????

  5. Thanks for the mention! I am looking forward to reading your post tomorrow! :)

  6. Thanks for the link! I’m can’t wait to hear all of the M-Network’s worst decisions. It’s nice to realize that even pf geeks like us have made some bad choices. Funny timing!

  7. Thanks for writing the great stuff!

    glblguy, you cannot catch a break with those fish!

    more on the preschool thing later this week, it wasn’t really my doing completely ;)


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