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August 24th, 2008

Sunday Morning Link Love

With illness traveling around my family, I haven’t had the time or energy to read anything outside my own blog for a little while.  But this week, as we all feel better and my son started preschool, I’ve had a little time to start catching up.

My son announced to me this morning he was sick (he has a stuffy nose).  Great.  Thanks school germs!

While I hope his stuffy nose goes away and no one else catches it, here are some articles from other personal finance blogs I enjoyed:

My Two DollarsUS Food Prices Set For Biggest Increase in 20 Years.  Um… great.  Argh.

MoolanomyRetirement Savings vs Student Loans.  Where do you stand?  What would you do?

Being FrugalDon’t Be Squeamish Over Gently Used.  Don’t!  I think almost everything in our house is used.  Including the house!  ;)

Mrs MicahWhat My Parents Did and Didn’t Teach Me About Credit and Money Management.  I always find it interesting what others’ growing up was like.

Cash Money LifeTen Commonalities Of Debt and Carbs.  Watching my spouse on his meal plan, I have experienced many of these realizations myself as well.

Gather Little By LittleBuying A Used Auto With High Miles.  I’m too squeamish to do this but it can be a great bargain!  If you know how to pick ‘em.  :)

Plonkee MoneyFix Your Finances, Save Money – Step One.  And stick around for the whole series!

Single Guy MoneyPersonal Finance Back to Basics.  Another series on basic concepts that a lot of people don’t quite understand.

Dough RollerDo You Believe In Financial Miracles?  A really touching story.

No Credit NeededDeveloping Strategies To Remain Debt Free.  A post I hope to be able to write my own take on, sooner rather than later!

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6 Responses to “Sunday Morning Link Love”

  1. I hope everyone in your household starts feeling better soon! (My wife got stuffed up yesterday and it still hasn’t left… She’s miserable right now).

    Thanks for he mention. :)

  2. Your family too? I hope you guys feel better soon. My son finally pulled out of his fever/rash issue, and I think my wife and I barely escaped fever/sore throat.

  3. Better break out the Vitamin C! Thanks for the mention.

  4. Like the other posters said, get well soon!

  5. I do hope the illnesses go away soon! That is no fun at all!

    Great links! Thanks for sharing!!


  6. You guys are sick too? Seems to be going around the personal finance blog world, get better soon! Thanks for the mention…