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July 27th, 2008

Sunday Link Love

I have been really remiss in reading anything in my reader lately.  I have over 1000 posts in my Google Reader that are still unread.  I’ve been playing outside with my kids instead.  :)   Fall will come soon enough, for now I am having fun in the sunshine!

But with that, here are a few posts I did read the past week or two that caught my attention:

 My Two DollarsSingle Step Personal Finance Challenge – Pay Off Remaining Medical Debt.  This actually comes from a post of Mrs Micah’s in which she challengd people to come up with one step that would improve their personal finance situation.  David has some lingering medical bills fro a cancer scare, and is going to get rid of them all.

Remodeling This LifeWhat 15 Years of Running Has Taught Me About Personal Finance.  This is a nice analogy that really spoke to me.  Even though I am not a runner, at all.

No Credit NeededInsurance Worries and Need to Stop Procrastinating.  Actually, NCN followed this up with a post about all the things he has done, but I think it is important to realize other people put things off too.  But use that as motivation to improve, not a reason to keep procrastinating.

MoolanomyMoolanomy’s Family Vacation WrapUp.  Seriously, I am just a sucker for cute pictures.  :)

Five Cent NickelAirline Baggage Fees – Another One Bites The Dust.  I hate this.  I really hate it.  Why charge for every single bag on the plane.  People can’t really travel without ONE bag usually.  ARGH.  I hate it.

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6 Responses to “Sunday Link Love”

  1. Enjoy that time outside, it is probably much more fun than the G reader! Thanks for the mention. :-)

  2. Enjoy the sunshine! I’ve let mine just hit 1000 but I’m getting other things done. So I read when I can. :)

  3. thanks for the mention! enjoy your fun in the sun! i have hit “mark all as read” way too many times this vacation *blush*

  4. Thanks for the link. You are not alone about the reader, mine has been stuck at 1,000 unread for a long time now. I have since switched to scanning,, and instead.

  5. That is definately a great amount of link love there. Some of these I have already read. Some of them I still need to read.
    Great resources, but so much content. I don’t know if I can handle it.

  6. it’s not every bag – just every checked bag… which annoys me because now people will try to shove everything into their carryon…

    it’s been great weather here too!