sunday link love july review edition

August 3rd, 2008

Sunday Link Love: July Review Edition

A public stats counter type program I use called SiteMeter was apparently making my blog (and many many others) crash for users who were viewing it with IE7.  I removed SiteMeter so all should be well now.  My spouse is going to do some testing this week to see if the problem is fixed, and if it is he’ll reinstall SiteMeter.

Along with the publc SiteMeter program that enables anyone to look at the user statistics for my blog, I use one that doesn’t have a public feature called Google Analytics.  That’s where I figure out which blogs referred the most traffic to my site in the past month, and that’s where the following list comes from.  Instead of just linking to their sites, I’ve picked a post I liked from each blog to link to, so you can read some interesting stuff when you check them out.  Thanks to all the blogs that refer traffic to mine every month!

  1. Cash Money Life:  Online Bill Pay – Cheaper, Faster, Greener, More Secure
  2. Moolanomy:  Personal Finance Risks and Risk Management
  3. Mrs Micah:  The Logistics of Snowflaking Extra Payments
  4. No Credit Needed:  Yet Another Motivation For Keeping My Financial House In Order
  5. Being Frugal:  Diary of an Unfrugal Weekend – A Lesson in Being Prepared
  6. Gather Little By Little:  How To Be Rich
  7. The Simple Dollar:  Class Warfare and The Simple Dollar
  8. Snowflake Revolution:  Zero-Based Budgeting
  9. My Two Dollars:  The Debt Trap – An Interactive Experience
  10. Thrifty Florida Mama:  At CVS – Smokin’ Good Deals
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7 Responses to “Sunday Link Love: July Review Edition”

  1. Sitemeter has supposedly been fixed – I reinstalled and it works fine now. Thanks for the mention!

  2. I’m happy to send you traffic PT. Also, Site Meter is fixed, but I am keeping it off for a while to see if I can cure my stat addiction. ;-)

    Also, great idea on linking to your favorite article instead of the blog home page.

  3. I got here through “Cash Money Life” and just curious what do yo ulike about sitemeter that analytics does not have?

  4. @Hustle – I actually never even look at it, I’m not a huge stats person. But people claim to like being able to check out other blogs’ stats so I run it.

  5. Aha, so it was all Site Meter’s fault. I was wondering why I couldn’t open half the blogs I usually read and couldn’t even open my own to edit it!

    It is fixed now as I’ve been online for the past hour or more, reading, with no problems and was able to edit my posts.

  6. Sitemeter should be good to go now. I use it because I like to have a quick overview, which it is great for. Analytics is better for more in depth research. I’m happy to send you traffic, and thanks for the mention. :)

  7. I went to check out “how to be rich”… and it had a nice twist to it ;-)

    (hint – being rich means more than just having money… is money the most important thing?)