so what have i done today to improve our financial situation

July 10th, 2007

So what have I done today to improve our financial situation?


I mailed the books to the buyback company so soon I shall have another $15.24 to snowflake.

I deposited the $18 I had from craigslist sales and then snowflaked that to the credit card immediately. $18 more I will no longer be paying interest on :).

I also re-evaluated the budget and added a $25/month savings category to “long term” savings starting once we have the 0% interest on the credit card debt. I may end up taking it all out and paying on the credit card all at once with it when the 0% runs out. I don’t know yet. I may delete it entirely until after we are out of debt. I don’t know. I am still thinking about it. The power of compounding interest is starting to call out to me.

That’s it. I have some more plans involving relisting a few things on craigslist in different categories and at a slightly reduced price to see if my price point is too high but that will wait ’til my parents have gone home.

I am about to start working at my WAH job right now while my daughter naps so that’ll help too. Especially since the budget includes me bringing in ~$450/month and July has been very slow thus far. And… well, I haven’t spent any extraneous money today. Oh wait, I forgot, I put gas in the car and I also bought my parents an 8×10 of our family from the portraits we had done at Christmas…. I did enter both those things on the July budget/expense sheet before I completely forgot about them though ;). So scratch that. Literally.  It is becoming clearer to me how it was possible to spend so much more money than I thought I did every month.


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