so maybe bath and body works lotion wasnt the best investment

June 24th, 2007

So maybe Bath and Body Works lotion wasn’t the best investment….

As I have been finding things in my house and listing them on Craigslist to purge, I have been thinking about how crazy I was to spend money on some of these things.

Now — that’s a good thing. The fact that I am realizing that I don’t need to buy things just because I want them or they sound good is a great thing! I have in the past been a bit more…. consumerish than I would have liked.

I listed earlier this week a bunch of Bath and Body Works body sprays that I had not used. Now, many of them were gifts — my inlaws know I love lotions and such and get a few of those types of things for holidays for me — but some I had bought. My indecisive self can’t settle on just one favorite fragrance so instead, I have 14 different ones that I hardly use. Who needs 200 oz of body spray? Could you even use that much if you used it every day for your lifetime?

Who knows.

I listed all these bottles for $1-2 on Craigslist. They were upwards of $10 each to buy new.  And who’s to say I’ll even sell them for what I listed them for.

That was an excellent investment ;) .


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3 Responses to “So maybe Bath and Body Works lotion wasn’t the best investment….”

  1. Oh man, I have an addiction to B&BW also. I can’t hardly help myself! I use it daily and I give it away as gifts a lot since my friends love it! It is such a problem… I have more than I know what to do with, yet I keep buying more!


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