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December 15th, 2007

Shopping Queen

There are dancing queens and then there are shopping queens. Today, I am a shopping queen. All told, I spent $223.73 today. Thankfully, not even half of that was on groceries. I had Christmas shopping to finish, boots to buy for my son, a case of diapers for each kid (hopefully the last I ever have to buy for my son), and a trip to JC Penney to use a coupon. More on all that later.

I spent $48.22 at Aldi, $13.77 at Walmart, and $5.60 at Kroger for a total of $67.59, well under the $90 budget. I bought one impulse item, some bakery reduced price onion bread for $1.67, so I spent 2.5% of my total spending on impulse items. I basically followed the “stick to your list and don’t look around” philosophy, and my list was pretty bare bones and no frills. I am still working my way through all my pantry items and trying to only buy perishables each shopping trip. I went to Kroger to buy a turkey breast on sale for $1.19/lb. I am going to make more turkey stock! And hopefully incorporate the meat into 3-4 meals as well.

I had a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more coupon for JC Penney so I went there today with a list in mind. My son needs a sweater, a pair of khaki pants or jeans, and socks. So I looked through the boys department and I found a sweater that was originally $26.99 but with the sale they were having today I thought would be about $10.50. But when it was rung up, it was only $9.17. So I looked around some more and decided to put that back and buy two packages of socks (3 pairs each), originally $7.99 each that were buy one package get one 50% off. With my coupon I ended up paying $2.10 (tax included) for 6 pairs of socks. Yay! I usually never end up using those random coupons that come in the mail or I buy something totally unnecessary.

I did a lot of other shopping but nothing really of note. I am up to $263.15 spent on Christmas gifts, well under the $400 budget, but now my spouse is making noises about wanting to get me a gift. So, we’ll see. I may make a small deposit to his PS3 account as a gift to him then too. Other than if my spouse and I decide to exchange gifts, I am done shopping, everyone else is done. Christmas under budget!

There will be no grocery shopping next week because we’ll be visiting relatives, so only 1 more shopping Saturday in December and $148.77 left in the budget. I think I’ll be under budget in December! Hurrah!

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3 Responses to “Shopping Queen”

  1. *fights urge to sing ABBA* They wrote “Dancing Queen” right?

    That’s fantastic! You’re doing so well at coming in under $90 twice this month. The bulk items from last month seem to really be paying off. Are you tracking that?

  2. I was at the mall last night and I forgot to use my JC Penney coupon. I am so mad! I didn’t even go in the store. I usually buy those stay at home socks.

    I think I will just give it to my sister and let her use it. She is going there this week anyhow.

  3. Great job, “Shopping Queen!!”


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