round 2 of march madness vote for the snowflakes

March 8th, 2008

Round 2 of March Madness! Vote for the Snowflakes 🙂

Free Money Finance has posted the start of Round 2 of March Madness, and my post, Snowflaking: A Primer, is up against No Credit Needed’s Illustrated Debt Snowball!  That’s a great post and tough competition – the snowflake against the snowball…

Help spread the love of snowflaking everywhere and head on over the Free Money Finance and vote for the snowflake.  You know you want to…

Don’t delay, vote today!  :)

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3 Responses to “Round 2 of March Madness! Vote for the Snowflakes :)”

  1. Done! :)

  2. Sandra Jensen Says:

    March 8th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Voted for you!

    Good luck! The other articles were also excellent :-)

  3. Voted for you too!

    I haven’t commented on your blog yet, but I wanted you to know that I’ve really enjoyed reading it! Watching 10 inches of snow pile up this weekend really reinforced the whole snowflaking concept. I thought about it every time I looked out the window. :)

    I’ve also realized snowflakes were what got me INTO debt. . .a cute sweater here, a new kitchen gedget there. It all piled up. Now, I’m reversing the trend and your blog helps so much! Thanks again!