quick numbers update

August 16th, 2007

Quick numbers update

I paid the car loan payment today so I wanted to do the comprehensive numbers update of where we are right this second. Totals are as of 8/16/07:

Total debt: $34,168.05

Broken down into:

Credit Card: $5,442.77

Student loan: $12,090.37

Spouse student loan: $12,420.97

Car loan: $4,213.94

Total principal paid down to date (since 6/19/07 start of blog) $2,283.66

I also updated my NCN Chart.

Yay for paying over $2000 to debt principal in 2 months :).  Really three months of “payments” though because it is June, July and August.  Still yay.

On to September!  lol


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