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July 9th, 2007

Pricing Pricing Pricing

I’ve been digging up every single non-fiction book we own and doing online pricing with a bunch of different buyback companies trying to sell them. Every one seems to have its own format for where and how to enter the ISBN numbers so it isn’t as simple as cutting and pasting them over and over again… which is what I was hoping to do. Oh well.

I’ve been trying to figure out at what price point each book is worth it to me to sell. If someone offers $0.46 for a book, is that enough? How about $0.96? Does it depend on the book? Am I ever going to look at any of these books again anyway, even if they were once interesting to me?

And sometimes one site will reject a book but another site will offer $9.00 for it, so I can’t just run them all through one single site and then recheck only ones that had a value at that site on new sites. And there are SO MANY different sites…. and we have a *lot* of books.


I wonder what I think my time is worth doing this. lol

I did score with a few items and I think over the next few days I’ll be able to send out some books I’ll get ~$20-30 total return for… plus I still have the stats text I can get $40 for if I decide to pull it off

It may be starting to snow soon here… I hear little flakes a fallin’ ;)
This feels better than just sitting around on my butt wishing I was doing something proactive to lower our debt.  I hate when I feel all blah and stymied and stuck.


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7 Responses to “Pricing Pricing Pricing”

  1. Where and how do you get money for your used books?

  2. The site I just got the check from is

    I also sent books to and am waiting for them to arrive there.

    If you google “sell boks online” or “sell textbooks online” you get a lot of sites.

    Good luck!

  3. that should say “sell books online” lol

  4. If there are a bunch of sites offering to buy used books, it shouldn’t be too difficult for a websites programmer to make a websites that asks for your ISBN number once and then fetches the prices from all of those sites, and displays a summary for you.

  5. My previous comment seemed pretty easy to implement, so I went ahead and did it (while neglecting other things that I should have been doing). Anyway, I threw it together on one of my sites available at

    I’m currently checking the purchase price at about 8 of the top sites that I noticed advertising on Google. I’m sure that there are more sites that buy books, so please let me know of any that I missed and I should be able to get them added pretty quickly.


  6. Thanks! I can’t wait to try it out! :) How cool!


  1. Brandon Checketts » Blog Archive » Compare used book purchase prices quickly

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