once upon a time there was a carnival of money stories

September 18th, 2007

Once Upon a Time, there was the 26th Carnival of Money Stories

Editor’s Note: There were many really excellent submissions that didn’t pass the first yardstick of inclusion – they simply were not a story about or involving money. If your submission is not here it was an excellent article, but not a money story.

I’ve always loved a good fairy tale. A tale of perseverance overcoming adversity, good versus evil, a tale full of love and laughter… I’m not sure this is one of those stories. But, as all fairy tales do, it began…

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wondered can I overcome my financially devastating background? As he fully became an adult, it seemed that he kept making mistakes, lowering his credit score in the process. He thought, this can’t be the answer, and the money dummy started getting smarter with the goal of being worth a million dollars someday. But there were so many ideas out there, how would he know what to follow?

He started with investing. Is investing a good idea? Not if you have a poor investment strategy. Maybe he should invest in a rental property in Vegas instead. Or maybe the answer was to buy a unique house that would make him stand out. But without money, investing wasn’t an option. He decided he should save an emergency fund by being more frugal in his choices. But when he tried to save money buying a grill, it was just a case of frugality gone wrong. How did everyone else do it? He discussed it with his coworkers, and learned of a company with great customer service. But he also violated an unwritten taboo disclosing his salary and was shunned. Maybe he should have remembered to only discuss money with his spouse.

When tragedy strikes, big or small, it makes us all reassess our priorities. So he decided to enjoy time with those most important to him at the county fair and then do some clearance shopping at Target. He might be able to get a head start on the Christmas frenzy. But not too much shopping, because the shelves to hold it might just give up on you and the last thing anyone wants is for their stuff to kill them. After all, it is only stuff. And there is more to life than money and stuff, isn’t there?

And everyone lived happily ever after (don’t they always?). The End!

Tune in same time next week at Money for Military for the 27th Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories!

[Thanks to the following blogs who made this edition possible, in order of appearance: The Simple Dollar, The Truth About Credit Cards.com, One Money Dummy Getting Smarter, Bryan C. Fleming, My Wealth Builder, plonkee money, Wealth Building Lessons, The Digerati Life, The Good Life on a Budget, brip blap, Free Money Finance, The Baglady, The Happy Rock, FIRE Finance, Gather Little By Little, beingfrugal.net, Stop the Ride!, A Penny Closer, and Millionaire Mommy Next Door.]

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20 Responses to “Once Upon a Time, there was the 26th Carnival of Money Stories”

  1. OK, I’m impressed – weaving it all into a “story” is a very appropriate way to present the Carnival of Money Stories. Great job!

  2. Wow, great job. Can’t imagine how much time you put into that. Thanks so much for hosting and for doing such and excellent job!

  3. Haha – I LOVED it! Very creative way to do the carnival. You really did a great job. Thanks for including my post!

  4. Thanks so much for including my article, I’m sure my friend will be thrilled that he is getting famous through that story!

  5. Beautiful story! We thank you for including our post on Sep 11 and Investing in such a creative way.
    Keep up the excellent blogging.
    FIRE Finance

  6. Awesome work, thanks for hosting!

  7. That is the most creative carnival I have seen. Great job!

  8. Thanks everyone!

  9. Creative format! Thanks for including my post. I’ve linked back here in my Money, Personal Growth and Family Blog Carnival Roundup (September 21, 2007 Edition) at:

  10. Thanks for linking back!


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