my two dollars can make me a good human

November 15th, 2007

My Two Dollars can make me a Good Human…

It is funny, because I don’t write guest posts all at the same time, but by some magic of timing, they seem to be published in little spurts right around the same time. Earlier this week I had a guest post at Brip Blap and then one at Lazy Man and Money, and today I have guest posts on two more stellar blogs: My Two Dollars and The Good Human.

I struggle a lot with my ingrained (learned, I assume) consumeristic tendencies, and that’s what I discuss today at My Two Dollars. Then pop on over to The Good Human for my guest post there and learn about the ‘even crazier than lined curtains on an interior door‘ accessories we have in our playroom, bedrooms and family room. Again, they’re not necessarily pretty but they’re almost free. And takes reuse to a whole other level. :)

I wonder where I’ll pop up next…. :)

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2 Responses to “My Two Dollars can make me a Good Human…”

  1. The contact paper covered boxes are a great idea.

  2. Your guest posting powers are impressive, grasshopper :)


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