my haircut the semi wiggle

March 22nd, 2008

My Haircut ~ The Semi-Wiggle

My son is three and a half years old. When he was about 3 months old, I left him with my spouse for an hour and went down to the local SuperCuts type place and had them hack off most of my hair. (Honestly, I use hack rather specifically in this case :) ). That’s the last time I’d had my hair cut before this week. Once in a while, I’d grab my pony tail and clip off the ends so I didn’t get split ends, but otherwise, it just grew.

And grew. And grew. Before this week, I could easily sit on my hair if I wanted. My hair has always grown fast.

My spouse’s workplace sent home a flyer that they were now offering haircuts for employees by a local salon owner. The flyer said on it that the stylist would give you advice on what type of style would work for your lifestyle and your head, so I got a little interested. Part of my no haircuts is trying to save money, but part is because I have no idea what should be done to my hair. I am a taekwondo instructor and mom to two little ones, so I need something easy and won’t drive me nutty, but at the same time, I’d like more than a perpetual ponytail. I thought about the whole “wiggle” concept and how we need to live a little, and then talked to my spouse about finding out if the haircuts are open to spouses of employees too (they charge for the cuts, it isn’t a free service, so I was hopeful).

My spouse told me that my getting a haircut is something I should be able to generally do and not be counted as a treat or a wiggle, so that is why this is the semi-wiggle. I love my spouse. :)

He found out that I could indeed get a haircut there, so I went in on Monday and had my pony tail lopped off for charity and then a lot more hair cut off. The hair stylist had lots of feedback and I am really pleased with how things came out overall. It was the best $20 plus tip I have spent in a long time.

Of course, now that I got my hair cut, I’ll probably need to maintain it with more cuts, and add to the budget… but that is okay. I should be able to look halfway decent. We can wiggle. As long as we keep devoting most of our discretionary resources to the decimation of our debt.

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9 Responses to “My Haircut ~ The Semi-Wiggle”

  1. Good for you! I just got my haircut too and felt very guilty about it because I could have used that $20 to pay down debt. I agree with you that sometimes you just gotta wiggle.

  2. Yay!! I am so glad you did something like this for yourself and I agree, it shouldn’t be considered a wiggle, it should be in the budget :)

    Did you donate to locks of love? i am surprised the whole haircut wasn’t free. When I donated my ponytails, I got a $60 cut for free plus a really cute style.

    I was erroneously hopeful that there would be a photo :)

  3. Wow thats a long time between cuts.
    I left mine for nearly 18 months until January this year as I didn’t want to spend money. I felt like a new woman after having it cut. Now I go every 8 weeks.

    Good for you, wiggle away :)

  4. You should definitely include personal grooming in your budget, and regular haircuts would certainly fit in that category.

    Congrats on the new ‘do’ how are you enjoying all that weight off your head?

  5. Congrats. I bet it looks great. I know being a mom that it’s hard to spend “family” money on yourself. I am guilty of that also.

  6. Good for you! It must feel great! I think your semi-wiggle is well-deserved!

  7. Awesome! That sounds like a very good semi-wiggle indeed.

    I haven’t cut my hair in years either and am not sure what to do with it. Last time, I cut it myself and it was up on my head. Then it grew out in perfect layers, so I didn’t mess with a good thing. Now it’s getting longer and I have to figure out what I want to do.

  8. you would be suprised how in-expensive it can be to maintain a hair cut. if your hair is below chin length you can go once every 3 months to get a hair cut with out having to worry to much about it losing shape.
    if it is above chin i would say go once every month and a half is a more likely estimate of time till it starts looking mullety.

    And if you are still gettitng them at 20 a pop that is super good.

  9. You gotta love a good haircut. Makes you feel clean!