my bargain shopping successes

November 4th, 2007

My Bargain Shopping Successes

I have two great bargain successes from today to share, my CVS shopping trip and my Kroger loss leader trip.

I was finally inspired to join the CVS Extra Care program and start trying to get things for free or close to. The post I linked to this morning from Kacie at Sense to Save got me off my behind to investigate the CVS Extra Care Bucks program. I have been meaning to try out a drugstore savings card program for a while but I have been both lazy and nervous about it. I don’t want to start spending money on things I wouldn’t normally buy just because it is cheap. But on the other hand, I’d be happy to buy a better brand of shampoo than the generic Aldi brand and spend less on it.

But when I read Kacie’s post this morning, it outlined EXACTLY how to get involved in the CVS program, how to save money using it, and an example of how to get some extra care bucks for free. And one of the specials this week was Brita water filters, which we use and we are completely out of. In fact I tried to buy some at Walmart when I was shopping but couldn’t find them. So I decided it was fate and went to CVS.

Kacie had talked about a special deal at CVS where you can use a coupon (provided in the store) and get a blood glucose monitor for free AND get $20 in extra care bucks back. So that is what I tried to do. I printed out a coupon for $2 off at $10 purchase also from that post, and then off to CVS I went. I went in, asked the cashier how to sign up for the program, filled out a really easy application and instantly got my little savings card. I went to the pharmacy section of the store and rather easily found the glucose monitor coupon. But, my store was out of the actual monitor. They said all of my city is out of them and everyone has been asking for them, and they hope to get some in this week. So, foiled. But, I still got the water filters, since they were on sale for $14.99 for 3 (a better price than I had seen anywhere else here) and generated $5 in extra care bucks. And I could use my $2 off a $10 purchase to save more. And it all went well – I bought the filters and spent $13.77 total (including tax) and got a $5 coupon. I put the filters in my car, went back in, and bought 2 packages of baby wipes that were on sale for 2/$5.99 and used my coupon. That price is bad even on sale, I get the same wipes 6/$9.99 at Walmart, but with my coupon I only paid $1.05 (tax included) for the two packs, and I didn’t have to spend the gas to drive to Walmart. I needed the wipes today since we are almost out.

I have the coupon to get the glucose monitor free and will be checking to see if it comes in so I can get my $20 in extra care bucks. Hopefully it does. But even without that I was very happy with how I did. I will also be printing out a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon from registering my extra care card online and using that as well with the new extra care bucks to get $24 of free stuff. If it works out. But even if it doesn’t I saved a lot of money there today compared to what I would have spent elsewhere for the same things (that I needed to buy).

On to Kroger. Kroger’s loss leader (meaning, the BIG thing on their flyer that they are selling at a loss to get you to come in and buy other stuff) this week was hormone and antibiotic free boneless chicken breasts they were selling for $1.87/lb. Well, that is a super deal in my eyes. I can’t even get regular frozen bags of chicken that cheap, and I try as much as possible to get meat for my family with the least amount of chemicals. So – off I went. And I bought $13.69 of chicken that I parceled out into 15 meal portions that I froze for future use. Yay! I have healthy happy chicken for the next month to two months now, for a LOT less than I usually pay. The best part is my receipt from Kroger says I saved more ($17.71) than I spent ($13.69).

I am really excited about my bargain skills today. And I again cannot thank Kacie enough for finally motivating me to investigate the CVS program. I also have a Walgreens near my house so I may branch out to there too.

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10 Responses to “My Bargain Shopping Successes”

  1. I’ve gotten into the CVS thing also in the last couple of weeks. My goal is to get enough ECBs to do all my shopping with ECB’s and not spend any actual money there. That might be possible with coupons (both CVS and paper insert). I know people make a killing on CVS deals. I’m not sure if it’s worth it for though. I do get things pretty cheap at target, and I think target shampoo and conditioner is just fine for me in terms of quality. And the coupons require me to buy the Sunday paper, and spend some time on this. I do want to get to the point that I’m getting almost everything for free.

  2. Hooray! I’m so happy! You bought things you needed, and saved money. Woo hoo!

    I have been doing CVS for a little over a month now, and I already have a huge stash of toiletries. I needed some things right away, but other things I know I’ll need later (like toothpaste and toilet paper).

    Good luck with the Nova Max. It’s great that you already have the coupon for it. I think the deal is supposed to be going on all month, so there is hope.

    When I tried to register my CVS card online, since I had JUST filled out the info in the store, the computer had no record of me. I just called the CVS customer care phone number, and a person helped me through it immediately.

    Finally, just keep at it. Start slow, and buy what you need. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at this.

  3. Great job! Congrats. :)

    According to our Giant card, we’ve saved $50.00 so far this year, not counting all the money we save by buying generics or using coupons. We also saved some money at CVS the other day, only $3 it was $3. :)

    The problem is that we don’t buy enough from them often enough to use these coupons. I’m trying to coordinate my purchases with the coupons, because Mr. Micah does need vitamins once every few months and that can be expensive, but otherwise we don’t purchase more than $10 per week there, normally less.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I was really proud of myself today. Funny how motivating saving money can be. lol

    Sounds like you are doing great Mrs Micah! And good luck getting to all ECB, KD!

  5. Nice job!
    I wish we had a CVS nearby, but I’m thinking about jumping on the Walgreen’s bandwagon soon, there’s about fifty zillion of those nearby. :)

  6. You’ll have to report on how you do at that!

    We have a ton of Walgreens too. No Rite Aid. I chose to start with CVS purely for the Brita filters. lol

  7. We don’t have CVS but we do have Walgreens. They have some great deals this week – $1.99 for butter, but I went to three stores and no butter :( Some other great stuff too. For some other great advice on CVS and Walgreens, check


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