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June 24th, 2007

More Budgets

Today in the car driving home from the zoo the spouse asks me “Is there any money for car maintenance in the budget?”

Awww.  He’s thinking about “the budget”!  Yay :)
And there is but the budget starts July 1st (the big overall one I worked out in PearBudget at least) and I only have a small amount per month budgeted for that so it can build up for when we need it since it is an irregular expense so…  heh.  I have a feeling that budget category will be playing catchup for a while.  My car needs new tires and my spouse is more anxious about getting it done sooner rather than later than I have been.

I have determined that our “expenses” per month equal approximately $3000.  That includes a modest snowflake to the credit card, an estimate of one twelfth of our annual irregular expenses,  a (very) small savings deposit, and one twelfth of all our annual expenses.

Our goal is to be “living” on my spouse’s salary which is regular, and use my salary completely for savings building and debt snowballing. Too bad that my spouse’s monthly take-home salary is not quite $3000.  It is about $2750.  Close!  lol

My irregular and unpredictable pay can be anything from $150 to $1600 depending on work availability.  Over the past three years it has averaged out to be about $750/month.  So we should be okay with this budget and still have a good amount to snowball….

if all my guesses on the irregular expenses are anywhere near right.  And my workload continues to be high.  It has been slow the past few weeks.  😮  I guess July will be an interesting month lol.


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