monday morning link love

May 26th, 2008

Monday Morning Link Love

Welcome to the Monday morning edition of link love, courtesy of the holiday here in the US. I hope you are enjoying time with your family this weekend as I am and please hug a serviceman or servicewoman today!

With that, here are some of my favorite articles from the past week:

My Two Dollars: Are You Ready To Manage Your Parents’ Money and Healthcare? Nope. My family didn’t really talk about stuff like this – I am going to have to try and break the ice with my parents soon.

Plonkee Money: I Should Choose Frugal Over Cheap For Appliances. I struggle with frugal vs cheap too and it seems Plonkee is starting to get a grip on it.

Single Guy Money: Here’s The Best Picture I’ve Seen All Year. He did it! Paid off the monster car loan. :) Yay!

Gather Little By Little: The Emotional Snowball. I really love this analogy. Even though I do interest order, I can find highs in the little milestones.

No Credit Needed: Looking Back – Ten Years Ago. This was part of a writing project and a great idea. I am scared to think about my finances ten years ago though… 1998… hmm.

Remodeling this Life: A Life Of Action. I have been feeling this way too – I need to do instead of just think. I have been unpacking those final few boxes that are hanging around, hanging pictures on the walls, and just… living.

Master Your Card: What I Think Of Dave Ramsey. Although I love the idea behind the snowball I don’t implement it in the same way Ramsey does. And Ramsey certainly has his share of critics.

Are You Going To Be This Way… : Does Anyone Ever Get Over Being Bullied? This is much more parenting than finance, but it was a shocking story to me and I’m still upset reading it. I just imagine it one of my children and I want to cry. So I’ll also leave you with a more finance-oriented post from the same blog, I Don’t Wanna Work. I have a similar (but not the same) situation and many times, I don’t want to either.

This Wasn’t In The Plan: I Finally Got Walgreens To Work For Me. I have been a failure at CVS so I think I will try Walgreens too. I want free toiletries, darnit!

Wise Bread (Philip Brewer) : Pay Attention. Just – yes. I love Philip’s stuff.

The Bright Side Of Debt: My Emergency Fund’s New Home. I had to do something similar, although ING is where I “hid” mine since I don’t have ATM access to it. Out of sight, out of mind…

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3 Responses to “Monday Morning Link Love”

  1. Thank you for the link! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was one of those long drives rambling trains of thought that I had to get down as soon as I walked in the door. I was hopeful it made a little sense :)

  2. Many thanks for the link love on behalf of Kristy and myself!



  3. Thanks for the mention! That is a beautiful picture isn’t it?


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