make sure your snowflakes stay snowflakes

February 25th, 2008

Make Sure Your Snowflakes Stay Snowflakes

Once you get into the groove of finding extra money to put towards your financial goals, the danger becomes that the newfound savings or earnings become routine and part of your normal budget, and therefore, stop being snowflakes and start being part of your expected income or spending.

The key to keeping your snowflakes working towards your financial goals is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Once the snowflakes become part of your everyday budget, they stop being snowflakes and stop working extra for you. For example, let’s look at increasing your income. Say that you add a part-time job for a few hours a week that earns you $200 a month to go towards reducing your debt or increasing your savings. After a few months, you get used to having that money every month, and the danger is that you start depending on it as a normal part of your budget. Once that happens, it is no longer extra money to work towards your goals, it is money you depend on to meet your budget every month.

Don’t let that happen! Be careful to keep additional money classified as additional, even if it is something that happens every month. That way, you are not depending on the money to meet your budgetary goals, and if at some point in the future, you decide to eliminate that money, you’re still working within your budget.

Keep those snowflakes as snowflakes. Don’t let them be swallowed up by the mundane and average. Make sure they stay special.

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5 Responses to “Make Sure Your Snowflakes Stay Snowflakes”

  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about this week. I got my taxes done two weeks ago and am getting a pretty big refund back… which is nice, but it means I could be getting more each paycheck. I changed my exemptions at work to get more money every two weeks vs. a big refund at the end, but I got nervous at the thought of having that extra money every payday. I keep track of how much money stays in my account each month once all the bills are paid off, so I think I might just set up an automatic transfer to savings with the extra tax money — BEFORE i get used to seeing higher numbers in my checking account. :)


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