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Link Love: 12 Days and 12 Peeps to Love

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Over the last two weeks, I had the privilege of participating in the M-Network‘s holiday project, The 12 Days of Christmas, Personal Finance Style.  This is a tradition we started last year, of taking the 12 Days of Christmas list from the popular holiday song, and turning it into 12 Days devoted to personal finance truisms and tips.  I had the honor of kicking it off this year with the first day, and also providing Day 8.  If you missed a day (or more) and want to catch up with the whole series – the list is as follows:

Also, even though it is already December 16th (so I am a little late!) I wanted to go back and thank my top referrers for November.  Every month, new people find my blog through other blogs linking me or my articles.  I am very grateful for these referrals because it is how the blog grows.  Hopefully you find some inspiration, laughter, or motivation to work on improving your own financial life by watching me attempt to improve my own!  Here are the 12 blogs that sent the most traffic my way in November with a link to one of my favorite and most relevant of their November (or December) posts:

    1. MoolanomyCD Ladder Explained
    2. Simple MomLearn About Investing So You Can Teach Your Kids
    3. Cash Money LifeBig Ticket Items – Is It Better To Rent Or Buy?
    4. Remodeling This LifeIt’s Not Savings Unless You Save It
    5. No Credit NeededTen Steps To Escaping The Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle
    6. Almost FrugalBecoming Frugal Is Like Quitting Smoking
    7. Mrs. MicahTips To Hold On To Your Job and Beat Debt In A Recession
    8. Being FrugalReusing Storage Bags
    9. My Dollar PlanSimplify Your Holiday In Three Easy Steps
    10. Gather Little By LittleThe Stress Of Two Mortgages
    11. Mighty Bargain HunterInvesting With a Financial Advisor?  Don’t Go In Cold!
    12. Frugal HacksExtending Tithing To What I Already Have  (disclaimer:  I wrote this!  ;) )

      Thanks to all the sites that have sent people my way and I hope to get back into the groove of doing periodic roundup posts of the best of the blogosphere and return the favor!

      Sunday Link Love: Redemption Edition

      Sunday, October 12th, 2008

      My blogging friend Lynnae at Being Frugal is part of a collection of moms that blog for Walmart, so when she read my post a little bit back about my bad experience at Walmart, she asked if she could share it with her contacts there.  I said sure, and then talked via email to the corporate office, and eventually to my local Walmart’s store manager.  He was very receptive to my concerns and gave me a $20 Walmart gift card for my trouble.  So we’ll see what happens.  He even said they will take my internet-printed coupons.  :)

      While I scour the internet for coupons I might be able to use at Walmart, here are some of the posts I found interesting this past week:

      We are off to the zoo for the last time this year!  Have an enjoyable weekend!

      Sunday Link Love: Newspaper Edition

      Sunday, October 5th, 2008

      Not anything that’s been going on in the news, just that our Sunday newspaper subscription started today.  Hurrah!  The paper was waiting on my porch for me this morning.  :)   Not any hugely interesting (to me) coupons this week, but that was okay.  The paper also had a number of circulars I have never seen in the version I buy in the store – I don’t know if this is a special circular week or if there are stores that just put their circulars in the subscription version.  None of them were stores I shop at or anything but it was just interesting to me.

      While I peruse my Sunday paper and make plans for my grocery shopping this week, check out these interesting posts from around the personal finance blogosphere this week:

      And I did manage to submit to three carnivals this past week:

      I need to get organized and beat the 5pm deadline to submit again this week!   Have a nice Sunday!

      Sunday Morning Link Love – Thinkers Edition

      Sunday, September 28th, 2008

      As always, some great discussions on the blog this week, including the economy, frugality, and even some deals.  Here are some posts from around the blogosphere (a word I saw in a mainstream newspaper this week even!) that made me think or were awesome tips I wanted to spread around:

      I also entered some carnivals last week, including:

      Check those out for some more great reading!   I need to get off my figurative duff and enter some of next week’s carnivals before the clock ticks to zero…

      Sunday Link Love ~ Holy Economy Edition

      Sunday, September 21st, 2008

      I may author a personal finance blog, but it is more focused on the personal part of personal finance.  I’m no expert, and I am as befuddled by the recent economic goings-ons as many of you are.  Some of you, I am sure, know more than I do.  :)   So this morning, among other things, I gathered together some links from around the personal finance blogosphere that have more insight than I do:

      And here are some other articles I enjoyed this week as well:

      And I haven’t been participating in carnivals lately, but I am trying to get back into the groove.  This week I have articles in the following Carnivals:

      so check them out for some great personal finance and frugality reading!