itd be nice if we could freeze everything else

February 22nd, 2008

It’d Be Nice If We Could Freeze Everything Else

I get really focused on debt reduction and calculating what we can pay to debt, and looking at how much progress we may be able to make, and sometimes forget to take into account that I’m being optimistic and looking at best-case scenarios. You’d think I’d be more mindful of that, since we’ve had our share of setbacks so far, but somehow I almost get blinders about the fact that life continues to march on.

My spouse presented to me a few days ago what I affectionately call his list of demands. They aren’t really “demands”, and they aren’t extravagant things by any means, and most of them are necessities to getting the yard taken care of this spring, or things that need replacing in the house. Things like a new mini-vacuum (ours died a few weeks ago, and with a preschooler and a toddler, we have multitudes of small messes to keep up with), mulch for around the trees in our yard, and a new drill (the battery in ours suddenly started refusing to recharge last week). None of these things are hugely expensive in and of themselves, and all told, his list only adds up to maybe $200.

But it irritates me. My spouse doesn’t irritate me – the list does. And I know he’s the one being realistic here – we need to maintain the house and the yard and take care of things in a timely manner. We decided to use a portion of our tax refund to purchase the most pressing items, and start budgeting for the rest, and I’m resentful of having to divert any of the tax return away from debt reduction. It is kind of like counting my chickens before they were hatched – as soon as I filed the tax return, I started plotting about reducing the debt total another $600. Now it will be more like $500 and that is still great, but I’m still annoyed.

It’d be nice if I could just freeze everything else going on, and just concentrate on the debt. But life has a funny way of continuing to happen all around me, and ignoring it won’t change that. It’d be nice if it was that easy, though

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12 Responses to “It’d Be Nice If We Could Freeze Everything Else”

  1. Thanks. Sometimes I just need to know others are also feeling like this. You made my morning

  2. Exactly! I am starting to think that I need to not “plan” ahead for what I need to do with certain chunks of money that come in, because by the time we get them (ie, the rent money for our house in Florida), something else has come in that is more pressing to be paid. :sigh:

  3. Oh Life. I’ve also discovered that having tunnel vision about money is almost as problematic as having blinders on. I went from one extreme (ignoring it completely) to the other (obsessing over managing it daily) and really they are both a touch crazy. Tempering all things with reality is probably a part of the lesson in all of this.

    Thanks for the writing. I’m enjoying the site immensely.

  4. This always seems to happen. I had a little bit of extra money at the end of January and was about to make an extra payment on our student loan debt when we had a leak in our basement due to tree roots growing in to the pipes ($125) and then we had an unexpected replacement of brakes on our trailblazer ($125). ACK! I was so excited about my frugality from the month and then didn’t get to enjoy using it to pay on our debt like planned. :(

  5. That would be quite nice. I wish sometimes I didn’t have to pay for food. It’s probably the three meals a day that gets me…such a recurring expense (even if we only shop for it once a week).

    On the plus side, at least being in debt doesn’t stop you from being able to live.

  6. I neglected our closet and clothing situations so bad that now we are in some sort of mess. I have now worn out all of my jeans (the newest pair being 2 years old) and I just noticed how raggedy hubby looks in his grubby T-Shirts! Ahh! I should have been budgeting for replacements of things that wear out- not just bills and food. Opps! Darn that tunnel vision and good intensions- its off to the sales this weekend!

  7. I do the same thing as “A”. I’m focusing on saving, and before I know it, my clothes are looking terribly outdated (not good in my professional job). It’s always something :)

  8. A life! That’s how I feel everytime I get in my car after a Wally World trip. We spend so much of our money on food & stuff… It would be great if I could find a way to mass produce fruit snacks in my kitchen!!!


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