i must have written something good last week

January 28th, 2008

I Must Have Written Something Good Last Week…

Because this morning I was an editor’s pick in both the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the Carnival of Personal Finance! Yes, MBH, I am taking over the world with editor’s picks. :insert cackle here:. Seriously though, I am tickled and honored to be among the editor’s choices for these two awesome carnivals. And there is some great stuff to find in them, as always! First, My Dollar Plan hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction for the first time, and my post about Developing a Snowflaking Mentality was one of the editor’s picks. Yay! Thanks Madison! Here are some other posts I wanted to share:

  • Smart Spending: Attack Your Debt Twice A Month. The method is sound but what I liked more about this post is the author. This is the daughter of the woman who authors MSN’s Smaert Spending, and she’s in debt too! Let’s all get out together. They had a medical emergency, but seriously, it can happen to anyone.
  • Rocket Finance: Control the Behavior – Just Don’t Limit Your Options. Rocket talks about something I talk about too but he puts it into practice – it isn’t credit cards that are the inherent problem, it is how we use them. He actually uses his though… I’m not at that point. ;)

The Carnival of Personal Finance is at The Dividend Guy and it is the Passion Edition. My passionate plea There’s No Shame in Not Being Able to Afford It made editor’s pick here as well! And next week – *I* am hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance, so get those submissions in! A few posts that really jumped out at me included:

  • Money Myths: Life Tests My Goals. Okay, so I completely know how *that* is. I feel like my goals are continually being tested. But like Dan – I will come out on top! Eventually. :)
  • Advanced Personal Finance: Why The Recent Market Decline Isn’t That Bad. KMC doles out common sense and tough love here. I always like his tone of disbelief mixed with telling it like it is. :)

In my quest to write the best stuff I possibly can for all of you to enjoy, I’ve decided 2008 is the year of 50 editor’s picks in 52 weeks. Not all the carnivals I enter have editor’s picks every week, but enough do that if I keep publishing quality material, I can hopefully hit my goal. The two so far this week bring me up to 4 editor’s picks so far in 2008. 50 picks, 50 stellar articles, here I come! :)

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3 Responses to “I Must Have Written Something Good Last Week…”

  1. thanks for the highlight – I use my cc’s, but very carefully. . . :)

  2. Thanks for the mention!

  3. Congrats! I was happy that he picked both of ours for the CoPF. Mine without yours wouldn’t have made sense. And yours…well it could have stood alone, but it was nice that I made editor’s pick too. :)