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September 3rd, 2007

I Love Backpack

Disclaimer: I am NOT compensated for this post. No one asked me to write it. No one even knows I am writing it. Not even my spouse. lol.

I love Backpack.

I have been looking for an online way to organize my many many thoughts, both blogging related and in other parts of my life. I am a list-maker. I love lists. I love making lists, I love looking at lists, I love pondering lists, I love discussing lists. What I do not love is having to constantly rewrite lists. I am not a person who does a list top to bottom. Eventually so many things are crossed off on my lists I can’t readily find all the things still left so I painstakingly rewrite the list with all the remaining items. My lists used to be shorter, and I found this a nuisance but not enough to look for an alternative. And then I began to blog.

I write down ideas I have for posts or topics or thoughts whenever the muse strikes, but sometimes it is weeks before I come up with an actual post to go along with an idea. And my list… is long. Has anyone noticed I have a lot to say? So when I have to rewrite all my ideas into a new list, it can take a long time, and I get rather annoyed. And sometimes I come up with follow-up thoughts for an idea, but there is no space on my list to stick those in next to the topic, so I end up rewriting a whole chunk anyway. So I decided this was the time to get serious about a digital alternative. And that is how I discovered Backpack.

Once you create an account, it is very easy to create multiple pages, and within each you can put lists, notes, pictures, dividers, tags, and there is a column on the right that lists all your pages so you can switch between them easily. I can put in notes related to a specific list item, or easily go back and edit a list item to include more information. I use these pages to organize blog ideas, work lists, bills to pay, daily to-do lists, and a number of other lists I used to create on paper and stack on my desk.

I will admit, I am slow to adapt new technology,and I still have some of my paper lists. But I have only been using Backpack for a few weeks, and I am ever so surely letting go of the paper lists and moving to digital.

I love Backpack.

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7 Responses to “I Love Backpack”

  1. Don’t do this to me!!!! I LOVE trying new organizational tools…so much that it interferes with actually getting organized. :)

    But if it works, I may just have to give it a try.

  2. Well if you have organizational tools already, you probably don’t need another one. :)

    I have… a pencil. And a bunch of recycled paper. lol

  3. I have tools. I never said anything about using them the way they’re supposed to be used. LOL I’m the queen of trying something and then leaving it by the wayside!

  4. Ohhh yes!! I am such a list maker. I can hardly leave the house without a list in my hand. Thank you for this new site. I cannot wait to start on my grocery list for the week.

  5. Yay lists!


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