how to teach my three year old the money doesnt grow on trees

August 16th, 2007

How to teach my three year old that money doesn’t grow on trees

Right now my three year old is sitting next to me insisting that a perfectly fine toy of his is “broken”. He thinks battery-changing is the most amazing process in the entire world and so he regularly tries to convince me to change the batteries in toys that are working just fine. He also thinks the battery supply is limitless. He’ll bring me over to the (child-proofed) drawer the batteries are kept in and insist I need to open it up to get batteries to fix whatever it is.

Well, sometimes, the toy actually needs new batteries and sometimes, we don’t have the right batteries on hand to fix the toy. I’ll tell him the toy will have to wait until later, we can’t fix the toy right now. But he has yet to believe me. I’ll show him the empty drawer and he’ll eventually agree that it is “empty” but he won’t agree that I can’t magically fix the toy anyway. And if all else fails, we can just go to the store. In fact, he’s brought me my car keys on occasion.

I’m not sure how to teach him about commerce and money and all that. About how to *go* to the store we need to have money to spend there to get what we want. And, in the larger scheme, that batteries are not a necessity because not every toy needs to be in working order 100% of the time.

He needs less toys. I think I might “recycle” some in the middle of the night.


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