Here’s Your Team for The Superbowl of Personal Finance!

Welcome to I’ve Paid For This Twice Already, the heart of the snowflaking empire, where frugal living and putting your money to work for you a penny at a time abounds. I’ve been working at getting out of debt and on the path to true financial freedom, and I’m delighted you’ve joined me, be it your first visit or your thousandth. This past weekend was the Superbowl, the championship of American Football. So this week, I’m excited to bring you one half of another epic showdown – the Carnival of Personal Finance vs The Festival of Frugality! I’ve conspired with Lynnae at Being Frugal (this week’s host of the Festival of Frugality) to bring you a showdown between the two finance carnival heavyweights. We’ve got our own version of football, where the ball is your finances and the goal is financial freedom.

I’m paidtwice, your coach this week for the Ultimate Personal Finance Team, made up of your submissions this week to the Carnival of Personal Finance. I’ve got some MVPs leading the pack (editor’s picks) and then our offense – the ways you’ll achieve your goal, and the defense – ways that the goal of financial freedom will be thwarted. And keep your eye out for the special teams contributions! Sometimes that makes all the difference.

On Wednesday after both teams have been revealed we’ll each run a poll with all of our MVP picks head to head – which entry, and which team, will win the ultimate finance showdown? You decide!

Here’s the CoPF team MVP selections (Editor’s Picks) :

Our Offensive MVPs include:

Our MVP Running Back, My Dollar Plan presents Investment Snowflaking. This is a great adaptation of the snowflaking philosophy to investments. Watch your money grow as small steps add up to huge changes!

Our MVP Offensive Lineman is Quest for Four Pillars, who finds it hard to say no, but manages to eventually even when it has cascading life effects in Saying No Is Hard To Do. Protect the assets at all costs!

Our MVP Wide Receiver is Plan Your Escape, with 8 reasons Why Small Houses Are Better Than Big Ones. Minimizing your housing expenses makes a huge difference in your bottom line, in obvious and not so obvious ways alike.

Our Defensive MVP is:

Our Defensive Line MVP is Smart Easy Money, who tells a story of a clogged drain and just accepting the default in A Clogged Drain and Living By Default. A really thoughtful story about how if we just accept what we’re given we never get anywhere.

And finally, our Special Teams MVP:

Our MVP Kick Returner is Consumerism Commentary with The New Emergency Fund: Five Components of an Emergency Plan. Diversifying our fund keeps you prepared for all true emergencies and here is great tips on how.

And the rest of our lineup!

Our Offense!

The Quarterback, the brains of the operation:


Offensive Line – Keep the Defense From Stopping Your Plays! :

Running Backs – The small moves matter! Small positive steps add up:

Wide Receivers – The Big Plays That Make a Difference:

Tight Ends – they block, they catch, they can do anything! A mixed bag of entries:

Our Defense!

Defensive Line – We Attack You At Brain Level! Must destroy QB and all plans! :

Secondary – The Big Plays That Throw Us Off Track:

Linebackers – They stop all the little positive plays from happening:

Special Teams:

Kick returner and Punt returners – sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down:

Thanks for visiting the Carnival and remember if you are a blogger to share some of your favorite articles with your readers! And be back Wednesday to vote for your favorite MVP!


  1. glblguy Says:

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  6. Mrs. Micah Says:

    February 4th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    I suppose mine is a big linebacker idea. :) Really creative format, I like it!

  7. Great theme. I was a RB in high school too! Sweet!

  8. Lynnae @ Being Says:

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