here a snowflake there a snowflake

February 19th, 2008

Here a Snowflake, There a Snowflake

There is this misconception among many people about how snowflaking is only for debt reduction. The concept and practice of snowflaking, or using small amounts of money from spending less or earning more to achieve your financial goals is a great debt reduction tool, but it isn’t limited to just debt reduction. Snowflaking is a universal money management concept that can be applied to whatever financial goals you are striving to achieve in life.

Anyone can snowflake. Anyone can be a snowflaker. No matter where you are in life or what your goals are. Are you debt free? Snowflake your money to your savings goals. On track with your savings and retirement funds? Snowflake towards that treat you’ve been saving for. Or snowflake towards your personal financial freedom by investing in yourself and your future.

Still not clear on what snowflaking is and what it can do for you? The concept of snowflaking is simple: keep track of small amounts of money you earn above the norm or save by frugal actions, and apply those small amounts carefully and consistently towards your financial goals. Snowflakes are very small things, but together they add up to a very big difference. Snowflaking takes creativity, patience, and perseverance. By paying attention to the small things, and making sure that the small amounts matter, you have to be able to see past the separate dollar amounts and take in the big picture. Snowflaking teaches scope. Change comes about in big actions, but also in the accumulation of small ones. Letting the small actions fall through the cracks can derail your plans as simply as a big one can. Take control of those small actions and make them work for you. It is all about the accumulation.

If you think snowflaking is something you can apply to your life to achieve your dreams, I invite you to check out the member blogs of the Snowflake Revolution. Each blog uses the concept of snowflaking, or making the little things matter, to improve their financial future.

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8 Responses to “Here a Snowflake, There a Snowflake”

  1. I’ve always been a firm believer of the long tail regardless of the application. Snowflaking is nothing more than an application of this. Over time the small numbers always seem to add up to significant numbers. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I use snowflaking to add to our savings/investment accounts. It’s really exciting to see how all those bits and pieces of money really add up & can accomplish terrific things!


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