groceries and medicines

January 12th, 2008

Groceries and Medicines

We include medicine and toiletries (toilet paper, shaving cream, etc etc) in our grocery budget. Sometimes, when we are out of quite a few things at once, that has a negative effect on the weekly spending. My budget per week this month is $75, but since the evil car repair I have been striving to get to about $50 per week. I didn’t do that, but I did get under $75, so that was good. My spouse was out of his daytime and nighttime allergy medications, which threw a little wrench into the weekly spending. At least I won’t have to buy those again for a while. :)

Also, I used the self-scanner checkout at WalMart because then I can use my own bags (I got reusable grocery bags for Christmas) without arguing with a checkout person, and the daytime allergy meds caused a cashier to come check to make sure I am over 18. He didn’t bother to card me though. Heh.

I spent $54.47 at Aldi and $14.58 at Walmart for a total of $69.05. I again bought another box of Oatmeal Squares for $1.99 (I’ll learn to make them myself soon, promise!) which means about 2.8% of my spending was impulse buys. No, I didn’t get under $50 but I still did well, and I am making much progress.

We are going out to a party (my spouse’s holiday party) tonight without the kids – friends of ours are watching the kids so it is a free evening of fun for us… unless my daughter protests and we have to leave early. Gotta work those free entertainment opportunities the best we can, for no more entertainment for a while yet. ;)

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One Response to “Groceries and Medicines”

  1. Have a great time tonight!