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March 6th, 2008

Goals, Finance, Debt, and Stories: The Carnivals

My posts were in four carnivals this week, and I wanted to take the time to highlight all four and thank the hosts for volunteering their blog to host them! I know how much work carnival hosting can be.

The Carnival of Financial Goals was at The Dividend Guy and my post about Evaluating Goals For the Student Loan Payoff was included! Only a few days until I put phase two of SMARP into action… I also liked this goal realized:

The Carnival of Personal Finance was at The Baglady and included my post Make Sure Your Snowflakes Stay Snowflakes. I related to this post a lot:

  • Finally Frugal: Taming the Beast. I was like this – honestly, I am very close to still being like this. When I had money, I spent it. Not on crazy things but a little here, a little there, it really adds up.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was at No Credit Needed and my post about Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step Two – The Debt Snowball was featured! And look! Snowflakes!!

Finally, the Carnival of Money Stories was at Piggy Bank Blues and included my Epiphany post. Who else had an epiphany? Iowahippiechick did!

  • Iowahippiechick: My Financial Epiphany. It isn’t what you might expect – but it is a touching and important story.

That is all for this week! What do you think of carnivals? Do you like carnivals? Do you find lots of great posts from new and old bloggers alike? Or are they too large and overwhelming?

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5 Responses to “Goals, Finance, Debt, and Stories: The Carnivals”

  1. I love the carnivals. It’s great exposure not only for the person submitting a post but also for everyone reading it. I’ve been introduced to countless new sites as well as information due to the carnivals. That said, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them all. That’s why round-ups like this are great too!

  2. I also love Carnivals, but I feel like it’s reaching the point where hosts should be more selective about articles, because it is hard to keep up and I often get overwhelmed!

  3. I love the carnivals, too. It is true that some entries (uhm…maybe even some of mine?) could be filtered out. But on the other hand, it’s a boot to cruise the links on these things, and I’ve learned about a number of blogs I would never have come upon otherwise.

    My favorites right now (besides C. of Personal Finance) are C. of Money Stories and C. of Ethics, Values, and Money. But they’re all good tools.

  4. Thank-you very much for mentioning me – I appreciate it very much!

  5. Thanks for the mention! I think I first read about snowflaking on your site, and it motivated me to try it (I’d thought of doing something similar before, but had never followed through with it). Those flakes really add up! :)