fun and informative financial carnivals and beyond

January 11th, 2008

Fun and Informative Financial Carnivals … and Beyond!

I participated in a number of carnivals (and of course, a festival!) around the web this week. A carnival is a collection of posts from the past week, all on the same topic, collected together in one place for all to enjoy. Different blogs take turns hosting the carnival on their blog. I’ve hosted a few before, and I will be hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance at the beginning of February, as well as the Festival of Frugality in March. :) It is a lot of fun and a lot of work, and I’d like to take this time to thank all of this week’s hosts and pull a few favorites of mine from each carnival as well. If you get a chance, check out the carnivals yourself – you are guaranteed to learn something!

First, the Carnival of Debt Reduction is near and dear to my heart. Really, debt reduction and my resolve to do it is was the reason I began the blog in the first place. This week No Credit Needed hosted the carnival, and chose my post about figuring out how to handle an unexpected $3700 car repair bill as his Editor’s Choice for the carnival! I am so very flattered and honored! Thanks, NCN! Another post I enjoyed was:

  • We’re In Debt: 6 Ways To Increase Your Income to Help Pay Off Debt in 2008. Some of these I’ve tried, some I’m afraid to try, and some I can’t do (my state doesn’t do bottle and can deposits so I can’t collect discarded ones for cash ;) ). I like this post because I like training my brain to look for “earn more” opportunities as well as the traditional “spend less”, and I am working to find a balance in my own life.

Speaking of remembering to earn more as well as spend less, the Carnival of Personal Finance made its way to first time host Mrs Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life where she hosted a building on the basics edition – those basics! My post It’s Hard To Get Back to Zero about my net worth issues was included.

  • Calgirlfinance – To Financial Freedom: Knowing Is Not Enough. Honestly, this post and the concepts behind it really spoke to me. In taekwondo, I often tell the kids when they respond “I know” to a suggestion or direction I make, that if they “know” they should be “doing”, so they don’t really yet “know”. And that is true in all aspects of life – we don’t truly “know” until we show that not by our words, but by our actions. I might have to write apost of my own about this too in the future….

The Carnival of Family Life was hosted at PJ Mommy and although it is not a financial carnival specifically, there is always a number of financial insights as it relates to family life included. My post Complete Budgeting Failure was included, and I also enjoyed this finance oriented article:

  • Simple Nickle: How To Curb Impulse Buying. Many of these ideas I already considered, but I like the don’t shop with friends suggestion.

The Carnival of Money Stories was at its homepage this week, and my post Self Worth and a Piece of Plastic was included. It is probably a surprise to no one that this post jumped off the page at me….

  • The Real Returns: True Cost of Car Ownership. Ah, yes. Depressing, this is. About as depressing as my car STILL not being fixed… Monday, they now say. Bah. This post is very detailed and informative and, as I said… depressing. :)

The Festival of Frugality made its way to Cash Money Life, and my entry CVS Extra Care Rewards and Store Brands, a guest post by Pinyo at Moolanomy, was included. This was a great entry:

  • The Digerati Life: Simple Tips For Grocery Shopping That Will Pad Your Pockets, Guaranteed. First off, the picture rules. Second, these are not only great tips, they are presented in such a pleasing manner. I love it. Excellent post. And I have learned some tips! Especially #5 and #12, simple things I hadn’t thought about before but really are true.

And finally, the All Women Blogging Carnival was at Australian Women Online, and included my post It’s Always Good to Have a Backup Plan. This post in the “Shopping and Money” category caught my attention:

  • Tip Diva: Top Ten Tips – Shopping For Shoes. This caught my eye because I also have what she described as Flinstone Feet – size 9 and very wide. I honestly wear my taekwondo shoes everywhere (a new pair is a staple on my Christmas list!) because most shoes are so crazy uncomfortable or incredibly expensive. I didn’t endup learning any good bargain techniques, but I did learn how to better shop for fit and not be disappointed.

Thanks everyone who hosted and I hope my readers enjoy the articles I picked out! :)

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post on shopping for shoes! Keep an eye out on the site – we’re going to be posting more tips about saving money, because it’s a popular draw for our readers.

  2. Getting back to zero is…pretty basic. ;)

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  4. Thanks for supporting the FoF! :)

  5. thanks for the mention in your roundup! i love what your site is all about. it’s great to see people getting closer to financial independence…and doing it with humor and style.

  6. It was a pleasant surprise to see my post mentioned on your blog! Thanks for mention. I greatly enjoy your blog and I won’t be purchasing a Saturn!