for the love of carnivals

April 10th, 2008

For The Love Of Carnivals

This week I entered four carnivals that have gone live as of this posting, and in all four, my submission was an editor’s pick. Hurrah! Thanks to all the hosts for that great honor! This boosts my editor’s pick count for 2008 to 17, more than a third of the way to my 50 picks in 52 weeks goal. Yay! I entered one more carnival this week but it posts on Fridays so will be part of next week’s roundup or in my Sunday link love. On to the carnivals!

The Carnival of Personal Finance was at MoneyNing and my post about Budgeting on an Irregular Income was selected as an editor’s pick! Thanks so much!! Another post that I enjoyed from that carnival was:

  • Free From Broke: Four Ways I Upgraded Out Of My Raises. For us, I don’t even know how we upgraded out of our raises. we just… did. This year will be different, I decided. Although, since we just raised the 401K contribution, my spouse’s raise might just bring his take home back to what it was a month ago, depending on what it is. But – we will not upgrade!

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was at Real World Really, and only included the editor’s favorite ten posts. Luckily, my submission, Earning More Doesn’t Help If You Don’t Spend Less, was one of them! Another of the ten that I particularly enjoyed the illustrations in was:

The Carnival of Money Stories was at The Financial Blogger and was really amusingly interspersed with what his old man would think about everything. My post, A Tale of Two Doctors, was also an editor’s pick here. Thanks old man! ;) Being that my son is 3, this post spoke to me:

The Carnival of Money Hacks was at Mommy Gets PAID and featured my post, Head Emergencies Off At The Pass, as an editor’s pick as well! Four for four, thanks! Among the real life people named Hacker I found this gem:

That is all for now, thanks so much for all the editor’s love! Make sure to check out the carnivals yourself and find some gems of your own!

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4 Responses to “For The Love Of Carnivals”

  1. Congratulations on so many editors picks! I’m subscribing to your RSS feed so I can hone my skills.

    Meanwhile, thanks for including our story as one of your picks.

  2. You’re the best! Thanks for the link love!

  3. Congrats on editor’s picks all around. That’s an awesome accomplishment. And thanks for picking my article out of the editor’s picks.

  4. Thanks for the mention and congrats on all of your “editor’s pick” selections so far this year!