finding grants and scholarships for your soon to be college kid

June 13th, 2012

Finding Grants and Scholarships for Your Soon-to-be-College Kid

As a parent, you want to see your child thrive in college and in life. Even if your child is admitted into one of the nation’s prestigious colleges, it may not be the best place for him or her if the price-tag is too high. If you do not want to see your child pass up on a wonderful opportunity to attend Harvard or Columbia, then you can help him/her out by finding relevant grants and scholarships. Here are some ways you can go through the process of strategically finding the best scholarships for your son or daughter:

1. Meet with the High School Counselor

No matter how many times you have told your child to meet with the counselor to discuss scholarship opportunities, maybe he or she still has not done this. You do not have to sit back and watch your child be careless about his or her own financial future. You can meet with the high school counselor yourself and help figure out which scholarships he or she has a high likelihood of receiving in the future.

2. Contact Sports Coaches

If your child played a sport in high school, he or she may be able to play the same sport in college. Most parents likely know whether their children are going to play basketball at a Division 1 school. Even if your child does not meet the requirements for playing basketball at a Division 1 school and for receiving a scholarship, he or she may still be able to receive substantial scholarship opportunities from a private school. You can meet with your child’s high school coaches to discuss the possibility of your child receiving a scholarship for a local private college.

3. Local Community Heritage Organizations

If your child is Polish, Italian, Armenian or another heritage, be sure to check with your local community heritage organization for scholarship opportunities. These scholarships usually have very relaxed academic requirements and only require that a person be of a particular heritage. By getting in touch with the leader of one of these organizations, you may be able to give your child an edge in obtaining a scholarship. Parents often forget to consider these types of organizations for the scholarship opportunities that they can provide to prospective college students.

These are the best ways you can help your child receive a scholarship for college. They are likely ways to find scholarships that other parents may not even consider, giving your child a considerable edge in receiving the financial assistance he or she needs in order to flourish in a college atmosphere.

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