festival of frugality the hey im hosting edition

March 31st, 2009

Festival of Frugality – The “Hey I’m Hosting” Edition

One of my side gigs is managing the day to day reality of the Festival of Frugality for the esteemed Jim at Bargaineering.  (I also write a semi-weekly column about finances at family directly at Bargaineering if you ever find yourself there :) .)  This week, as far as I can tell the host got confused and didn’t realize today was in fact the 31st of March and the posting date for the festival.  By the time you read this, it’ll be the 1st of April, but no fooling, I am last minute publishing the festival myself.  All part of a hard evening’s work.  :)

I’ve read all the submissions, cut a ton, and picked a few as my editor’s picks – forgive me that I didn’t alter the standard formatting at this late date.   Read the editor’s picks (especially my first pick if you have kids, like kids, or were once a kid :) ) and others that made the cut and enjoy!  Find fun in frugality today!

The Editor’s Picks:

MY VERY FAVORITE article of the whole carnival, honestly, it made me cry (because I could totally relate to it) :

More editor’s picks:

Other submissions to make the cut (in order of submission) :

WHEW!  Enjoy!  Thanks for reading to the end.  :)

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40 Responses to “Festival of Frugality – The “Hey I’m Hosting” Edition”

  1. Thanks for the last minute hosting of the carnival and for also highlighting one of my articles as an editors pick.

  2. Hey great job on hosting the carnival on such notice! I would also like to thank you for mentioning my blog, I appreciate that you didn’t cut me out.

  3. You’re right… Domestic Cents’ post was awesome. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Truly honored to be your Editors Pick. Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for the editor’s pick! And thanks for taking on the job of doing the festival right on deadline. It’s a big job under the best of circumstances.

  6. Nice work on the festival, and thanks for including my article on CD Ladders! Take a well deserved break!

  7. Great job and thanks for including me… We all appreciate your efforts and dedication!


  8. Thanks for all your work and for featuring me! And I agree with you on your favorite article. What a wonderful piece of writing.

  9. I was kind of wondering where the festival went! Kudos to you for getting it all together on such short notice. I hope Jim knows how lucky he is to have you.

  10. Thanks for hosting at the last minute! :)

  11. Nicki’s article was inspiring! I emailed it to both of my children. Thanks for hosting and the editor’s pick!

  12. Thanks for the link!

  13. Thanks for including me :-) There are some great articles here!

  14. Thanks for hosting and including my post.

  15. Hey.. fantastic job in putting together this carnival.. it looks awesome. Thanks for including my article here.

  16. Thanks for hosting and including me.

  17. Thanks for including me in your festival. Lots of great articles to read!

  18. wow yeah for real, way to step in and pull it together! gonna go check out your fav. now….this oughtta be good :)

  19. Great job with the festival, thanks for including my article!

  20. Thank you for including me. And I don’t know what to say about being an editor’s pick.
    (Neighbor Nancy blushes and grins happily)


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