experiments in frugality disaster number 2

November 15th, 2007

Experiments in Frugality: Disaster Number 2

Did you think that just because I started a new blog to talk about more family-oriented subject matter, I was going to stop talking about them here? Not a chance! The new blog is just for the not-financially-focused stuff. There will still be plenty of finance-related stuff involving my family on this blog. :)

So, in disaster number 1, I tried making baby wipes and things didn’t go all that well. Okay, that is an understatement. It went really badly. I did try one more time, and the results were marginally better, but my spouse forbid any further efforts on that front. He is a little picky and squeamish when it comes to dealing with the contents of a diaper. So, I shelved that effort for now. I have this plan to get both children to potty train simultaneously as soon as the little one starts walking on her own (heh) so maybe the discussion will become moot soon. I can dream!

Just to make sure no one thinks that I feel frugality equals disaster, I have had several frugal successes. I’ve found ways to have family fun while being frugal, I’ve repurposed items from our apartment in frugal ways in our house, and I’ve been successful so far with budgeting which I feel is the key to my frugality. Where I seem to fall short is the, in a word, doing. When I tried to make something from scratch instead of buying it, well… I am just not good at that type of stuff. I should know better by now.

And that leads us to disaster number 2. Last night I attempted to cut my son’s hair. Now, I must preface this that I have cut his hair on my own several times before. In fact, I gave him his very first haircut. But in the past, all I handle are trims and then when it gets to be completely unruly (he has very fast-growing, very thick hair) I send him to a professional, get it all nice and cut, and then just do upkeep for the next several months until it seems unruly again. Well, it has been about 6 months since his last “professional” haircut and his hair was completely unruly. But I thought to myself… hey, I can do this. It’ll be okay. I’ve done a good job trimming in the past, after all, this is just like a super-trim.

Well… not so much. My son decided last night was the night he would rebel against all things haircut… AFTER I’d already made the first cut. Which I had rather ambitiously hacked off over an inch of hair. The second cut, he jerked his head wildly just as the scissors were closing and… well, no one was injured. Except my eyes looking at the craziness I had just done to the front of his hair, I guess.

So, suffice it to say I am going to have to take him somewhere this week and have something done to his hair by a professional to make it look normal again. I did manage to get him to let me finish cutting the rest eventually, well, most of the rest. Under strong protest and much screaming. But the hacked off part in the front, well, there is no way I can even dream of correcting that. And the back is still somehow just as unruly as when I started.

Sometimes it is worth it to spend the money. Have I mentioned his school pictures are next week? Maybe I just won’t order any and save money that way (well except his grandparents are paying for them so I have to, heh). I need to know my own limits. Or at least, practice them on things where there will be no lasting photographic evidence.

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7 Responses to “Experiments in Frugality: Disaster Number 2”

  1. Could it be time for his first cover-up buzz cut?

  2. Oh man you made me remember a memory from my youngest son’s childhood (and he still has the scar to prove it). When he was in kindergarten I attempted to try to cut his hair to save money as well. Amateur that I was, I snipped the little guys ear, quite badly. Talk about feeling HORRIBLE! Now we laugh about it. But he still gets a little look of fear when he sees me pick up a scissors! (Not really, just kidding) :)

  3. Oh no! I’m sure he’s still quite cute!

  4. I agree, a buzz-cut may be in order, and those are free too (well after the price of the clippers, but those are cheap and pay for themselves quickly). I used to cut my own hair (meaning I buzzed it). Then I got married and my wife likes me w/longer hair (I still won’t let it touch my ears, and it’s still “short” by many standards, including my wife’s but its no longer buzzed). Well, in order for me to start growing my hair out, my wife would cut my hair b/c I was too cheap to pay to get it cut as often as I’d like (every 3 weeks). She’s messed up a few times, and I got to buzz my hair. She was upset, that she had “messed up” my hair. As I told her on multiple occasions, it’s just hair, and it’ll grow back.

    I say there’s no need to take him to a “professional”. Just buzz it ;)

  5. My son… he has a pumpkin head lol. It is big and round like a pumpkin. Seriously, I think a buzz cut would look horrific on his head shape. My brother has the same head and the one time he buzzed his hair we giggled about it for months.

    My spouse thinks it is not as bad as I think and I am overreacting. I’m not sure what we are going to do. It needs something though. i felt bad sending him off to school today. Although he’s only in preschool so the damage should be minimal lol.

  6. I always cut my son’s hair, I’m not really good at it, but I do it. I’ve found that clippers are a lot easier to use than scissors. Once I accidentally cut off his sideburns. But he didn’t care and people still like me and him, so it’s all good.


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