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November 21st, 2007

Debt, Frugality, and a Story ~ The Carnivals

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was over at its homepage this week and my entry The Attitude Shift was included. I can’t help but include this announcement as my pick this week:

  • Single Ma And Money: Is Debt Free! Congrats!! Hopefully in three years I will be saying the same. :)

The Festival of Frugality is 101 and in honor of that Rather Be Shopping took us on a tour of Highway 101. Where with a small detour, you can drive through a tree. Who knew? Well probably everyone knew but me. My post Winterizing the House: Not Pretty But It’s Free was included (and by the way, it is working WONDERFULLY) and another post I really enjoyed was:

And the Carnival of Money Stories is at Living Off Dividends and my post Experiments in Frugality: Disaster Number Two was included. Reflecting on my recent subject matter, this post couldn’t help but catch my eye:

  • The Happy Rock: Do We Earn The Right Not To Budget? Well, of course you don;t have to budget. I still contend though that budgeting is probably the easiest way to get the most out of your money, ever.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The posting schedule will be slightly modified the rest of the week to take into account people are more likely eating turkey than reading blogs, so that no one has to come back to an overwhelming pile of PaidTwice to sift through. But there will be some posts for everyone to enjoy. :) So there might be a small pile if you’re gone until Monday. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Debt, Frugality, and a Story ~ The Carnivals”

  1. Wow! I’m one of your featured posts. I’m glad that you liked it. (It really does all add up.)